3 Day Hiring Process

The Allegiance Staffing

3-Day Hiring Process

Most staffing firms hire employees after just a quick interview and maybe some background and reference checks. Total time? One or two hours.

That’s not how we do it. We hire like you do.
Any person hired by Allegiance has gone through The Allegiance Staffing 3-Day Hiring Process. Everyone must come to one of our offices three times to be tested, screened, interviewed and vetted.

Yes, this is asking a lot of our potential employees. Many balk and never return for the second day.

Which just confirms our point, because we’ve found that responsible, trustworthy people committed to work are happy to do what it takes to become an Allegiance Staffing employee. By taking on our 3-Day Hiring Process, they show that they’re truly a cut above the rest. They’ve proven their commitment to us before they ever have the chance to do so for you.

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