Quality Stats

You can’t shortcut on quality. At Allegiance, we provide the following services, 100 percent of the time:

  • Background checks—compared to 42.1 percent industry average
  • Safety training—compared to 44.4 percent industry average
  • Drug testing—compared to 44.1 percent industry average
  • e-Verify ALL employees and 100% W-2 employees—we never place our clients at risk with improperly classified employees

Our stats prove that we can minimize your employment risks.

Our safety rate record is outstanding — we have an incident rate of just 11 per 200,000 man hours. Compare that to the industry standard of 41 per 200,000 man hours and you can see why Allegiance Staffing is not your typical staffing service.

Background Checks
We always check our applicants’ backgrounds. We verify employment with former employers and we speak with past supervisors to gauge an applicant’s work ethic, skills and reliability. We provide rigorous skills testing to ensure anyone going to your site has the background and knowledge to perform the assignment well.

Drug Tests
Each and every person we hire must take a drug test. There are no exceptions! Compare our 100 percent drug test statistic to the staffing industry average of 44.1 percent. Impressed? We hope so!