Employer Resources

Behavioral Hiring 

Behavioral hiring is a process that helps hiring managers select people who are behaviorally- suited for a particular position by analyzing both the position and the individual. Unlike traditional interviews, which tend to rely far too much on a simple job description, behavioral hiring offers a more objective means to determine if a person has the right skills and personality traits to succeed in a certain job.

Do You Need Workforce Planning? 

Workforce Planning. Twenty years ago it was one of the hottest topics in HR, and now it’s making a comeback. Why? Because companies are tired of feeling the pain from economic surprises. In the late 90s, it was the severe talent shortage. Today, it’s dealing with the downturn in the economy and the need to trim staff while still attracting new talent.

“Do You Need Workforce Planning?” is about the benefits and “how to’s” of workforce planning.

Guaranteeing Hiring Success 

Tips on recruiting, screening, interviewing, testing and reference checking.

Hiring ROI 

This article gives suggestions on how to gather an accurate measure of the “Return On Investment” of your hiring decisions. The article also shows how to single out pertinent hiring criteria to make better decisions in the future.

Strategic Staffing 

Overview of strategic staffing services such as outsourcing and facilities management that can lead to a competitive advantage for your business.