Success Stories

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Light Industrial

The local operations of a national food service distributor had historically suffered from excessive turnover in both its permanent and temporary workforce. The turnover was reflected in order pick inaccuracies, low warehouse productivity, and customer complaints. The distributor ran about 40 temporary employees per day to fill in for absenteeism and vacancies in its own workforce.

As temp-to-hire probationary periods expired, members of this relatively unscreened temporary workforce were selected to join the distributor’s own payroll. The facility was recognized as having the highest employee turnover in the country and was poorly reviewed in terms of its customer service.

The company’s local human resources management contacted Allegiance Staffing to discuss the problems and listen to possible solutions. Allegiance was invited to begin staffing the facility based on its developed quality specifications and its 3-Day Hiring Process for the facility. The company soon turned staffing over to Allegiance exclusively.

The result? After just one year working with Allegiance and its 3-Day Hiring Process and innovative quality controls, turnover within the facility’s own workforce was practically eliminated. Temporary staffing counts were reduced to approximately one contingent worker per day once the Allegiance Staffing pipeline of new hires replaced the old workforce. The facility was recognized as having gone from the highest to the lowest turnover. Order accuracy, on-time product delivery, and customer service scores also improved dramatically.


A staffing competitor, recognizing that it wouldn’t be able to handle the needs of a client, referred a cellular telephone provider to Allegiance. The cellular company was expanding rapidly into the growing ethnic market but didn’t have the infrastructure to staff and manage a diverse retail workforce in scattered locations.

Allegiance recruited bilingual sales associates and developed procedures to control, monitor and fulfill the stocking needs of the retail locations. Allegiance also put together a base-plus-commission incentive program for the retail associates.

The result? The cellular provider was so impressed with the quality of our ideas, processes/procedures and recruiting expertise that it has given us the task of improving its customer service department.


A resort in Tennessee — one of the largest employers in the state — was experiencing extremely high turnover and having a particularly hard time establishing a reliable permanent workforce, especially workers in the time-sensitive areas of conference and banquet set up.

Resort management had a terrific experience with Allegiance Staffing in the past and came to us again to help them completely rebuild that department. We virtually became a part of their own human resources division, successfully and quickly staffing the department with as many as 30 workers.

The result? About half of the Allegiance workers we supplied were hired as regular employees with the company after the mandatory 90-day period.


An Allegiance client had been in the store fixture business for more than 70 years, when it made a decision to re-invent its sales strategy from direct-selling territory jobbers, to a call center that would call restaurants, hotels and churches.

The company needed to grow quickly if it was to avoid a lapse in revenue, so it turned to us to help it find 30-45 experienced call center professionals to get the call center up and productive quickly. We were able to do so in under a week.

The result? After nearly one year, this program has proven very successful for the client and it has turned into one of the Allegiance office’s largest clients.


After several years of having Allegiance provide reliable, highly responsive and coordinated staffing services, a major seasonal retail plastics products manufacturer replaced Allegiance with an international staffing firm after that firm offered an on-site service and lower cost. The staffing firm also promised equivalent or better service. This took place not long after Allegiance had told the client company that changes in the local labor market required an increase in its staffing costs.

The manufacturer soon experienced an extended period of low order fill rates, excessive temporary worker turnover, low individual productivity, unbalanced production and product shipment delays. This resulted in a significant increase to the cost of goods produced and jeopardized sales volumes.

The result? The company asked Allegiance to return to re-establish reliable and quality staffing processes, deciding that the increased labor costs were worth it.

Skilled Trades

A high-end manufacturer in Nashville was using at least two other staffing firms to provide it with CNC machine operators, grinders, welders and other skilled trades and technical positions.

The Nashville Allegiance office was able to start providing workers to the company, eventually creating such a strong relationship with the company — as well as providing it with top-notch skilled workers — that it’s now phasing out the services of the other staffing firms.