Body Language Don'ts for Job Interviews

5 Body Language Don’ts for Job Interviews | Allegiance

Posted by Aug 14, 2017 @ 9:30 am

Body language plays an extremely important role in all job interviews. In many ways, it conveys more than the words you speak. Here are some job interview don’ts. Do not make these body language mistakes.

Don’t Slouch

Slouching or drooping your shoulders shows a lack of confidence. Instead, stand and sit up straight. Maintain good posture throughout the interview. This will give your interviewer a good impression of you.

Don’t Be Jumpy

Don’t fidget or move around too much. This conveys nervousness and not being able to concentrate. Don’t keep playing with your hair or pen or touching or rubbing your face and nose. Don’t keep shaking your leg.

Don’t Avoid Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact and keeping your gaze away from the interviewer is never a good idea. Look at the interviewer and maintain a healthy eye contact. At the same time, another don’t is that you shouldn’t stare. Don’t stare into the interviewer’s eyes; it will make them uncomfortable about you. Alternate between making eye contact, looking at their face, and occasionally looking away.

Don’t Cross Your Arms or Legs

Crossing your arms can come across as defiant or defensive. It can also come across as overconfident, arrogant or aggressive. Instead, keep your arms to your side. It will be more comfortable for you as well. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets. Don’t cross your legs either.

Don’t Keep Nodding Your Head

You should nod your head periodically when listening to the interviewer speak, but don’t keep nodding your head the entire time. It will convey nervousness. It also shows a lack of self-confidence.

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4 Honest Questions to Prepare for When Going to Job Interviews | Allegiance

Posted by Aug 7, 2017 @ 9:30 am

It’s important that you prepare for any possible questions on your job interview. While you don’t want to come across as giving scripted answers, you also don’t want to fumble around when asked a question. Here are four questions you should think about before going to any job interview.

What Were Any Mistakes You Made?

The interviewer won’t be looking for someone who never made a mistake or experienced failure. No such person exists. What they do want to know, however, is how you deal with your mistakes and failures. Be honest about them and explain how you learned and grew from them.

What Did You Do In Situations Where You Didn’t Get Along With Management?

Don’t pretend you always got along with your superiors if you didn’t. Everyone faces situations where they disagree with others. The question is not if it happens, but what you do when such a situation arises. Explain how you resolved your disagreements in a professional manner and came to a reasonable compromise.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

If an interviewer asks you what your greatest weakness is, they want to see how honest you are about yourself. Explain what you think your greatest weakness is, but don’t spend too much time explaining that weakness. Instead, spend more time explaining how you overcame your weakness and what you do to fix it.

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

Don’t say that you are leaving because you can’t get along with your boss or team. That will put up red flags in your interviewer’s eyes. Instead, talk about positive reasons, such as the desire for a more challenging job.

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Job Interviews – Colors Speak Before You Do

Job Interviews – Colors Speak Before You Do | Allegiance

Posted by Jul 31, 2017 @ 9:30 am

The topic of what you should and shouldn’t wear for an interview is important and well-covered, most tips include suggestions like: don’t wear skirts or shirts that are too short or low-cut, be well-tailored, don’t show up covered with lint and hair, and lean toward a more conservative look. But what about the actual color of your clothes?

Did you know that the colors of your clothing speak before the interview even begins? That’s right before you open your mouth to say hello the style and the color of your clothes have said something about you and your character. Here are some colors you want to wear for a first interview based on the impression they give employers:


White suggests that you are clean, tidy and organized. This is a good option for a shirt color.


According to this site, “gray gives an impression of sophistication and professionalism. While it is a strong and powerful color, it is non-confrontational and does not distract – and it is less intimidating than black.”


Blue is the most widely liked by employers. It portrays honesty and tells others that you are a team player.


Black is a very powerful color that is seen as a bit intimidating. This can be good when interviewing for positions of strength and leadership, otherwise, you could use it as an accent color in your outfit.

Here are some colors you should probably stay away from for a first interview:


Red is a powerful and assertive color, but when worn for an interview it is often seen as domineering and rebellious. Stay safe and only use red as an accent color with your interview outfit.


According to CareerBuilder’s list for the absolute worst color to wear to a job interview, orange was at the top. Apparently, 25 percent of respondents said they associated the color orange with an unprofessional person.

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Job Interviews: Do You Know What To Do?

Job Interviews: Do You Know What To Do? | Allegiance

Posted by Jul 24, 2017 @ 9:30 am

You have a job interview coming. Congratulations! We do not want you to be nervous, so we have put together a few tips that we hope will help you successfully prepare for your interview.

Job Interviews Do’s

  • Make sure you are fully aware of the office’s dress code so you will know what type of clothing you should wear for the interview. Do not be afraid to contact the HR department for it is time for your interview so you can get a good feel of what you will be expected to wear to the interview.
  • The company already has a copy of your resume, but it will not hurt to bring extra copies of your resume. The person who will interview you will likely need to review your resume as you are sitting in front of him or her.
  • Your resume should be placed in a nice folder. You do not want to walk into the interview room with your resume looking like one of your pets had a little fun with it before you pulled it out of their mouths.
  • Although it is important for you to be early for an interview, you do not want to arrive too early. You can show up about five minutes early. You should certainly avoid arriving late.
  • After your interview, you should send a thank-you note to the person who interviewed you. You can make a final good impression.

Job Interview Dont’s

  • It is a good thing to be relaxed during your interview, but you should not be too relaxed. You are still trying to make a lasting impression, but you do not want to say anything or do anything that may seem less than professional.
  • Do not say anything bad about your previous employer. You want to remain professional, and you do not want to give off the impression that you are unprofessional.
  • Do not walk into the interview unprepared. You should make sure you research the company before you walk through those doors.
  • Do not lie. If you tell a lie and the company finds out that you have not been honest, you have ruined your chances of obtaining that job. Honesty is always important, right?

Do you think you are ready for your interview? Contact us today for more advice and tips on how to make a lasting impression at your next job interview.

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3 Safety Improvements That Will Increase OSHA Compliance

3 Safety Improvements That Will Increase OSHA Compliance | Allegiance

Posted by Jul 17, 2017 @ 9:30 am

OSHA employs thousands of safety inspectors who oversee over millions of work sites across the country. OSHA safety inspectors’ primary duties include accident investigations and safety consultations with companies, but they also perform surprise inspections. The last thing that any company needs are unexpected fines and safety citations.

Fall Protection

OSHA states that the lack of fall protection is the most frequently cited safety violations. Manufacturing facilities often provide adequate fall protection systems, but they may drop the ball when it comes to annual hands-on training. When an employee wearing a safety harness falls, suspension trauma may only take 10 to 15 to cause a fatality. During safety training, it’s helpful to have employees initial and date sign-in sheets for OSHA documentation. On the other hand, employees who work six feet above a surface will need adequate guardrails and personal fall protection systems.

Hazardous Communication

HAZCOM, which is the second most violated safety standard, ensures that workers are properly educated about chemicals, materials and products that they are required to use. Annual HAZCOM training will not likely be sufficient because suppliers change just like workers often cross-training in different positions. Regular communication about product updates is important. OSHA requires companies to maintain current and readily available Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) books for employees. This may require the support and cooperation of purchasing managers and procurement staff.

Lock-out, Tag-out

Lock-out, Tag-out (LOTO) is a must in manufacturing and production settings that use dangerous machinery and equipment. OSHA requires companies to maintain strict policies regarding maintenance safety. Authorized employees must have their own locks with their own keys. The locks must be identified by name and only supervisors have access to the key copies. Dismemberment and fatal accidents often occur when employees fail to carefully follow lock out procedures. Many safety managers and team supervisors formally discipline employees who violate LOTO policies in order to demonstrate their commitment to worker safety.

There are many OSHA rules and federal safety regulations that apply to labor-based industries. OSHA compliance can be increased through proper safety management and the support of qualified labor solutions.

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How Can You Make Seasonal Staffing Work For You? | Allegiance

Posted by Jul 10, 2017 @ 9:30 am

There are various times throughout the year where businesses just like yours will see an increase in customers and sales. This is why so many businesses make the decision to hire seasonal employees. Now is a great time for you to start thinking about your plans for the rest of the year, and if seasonal staffing may be a great option for your business. You are in competition with many other businesses, so the quicker you start considering seasonal staffing, the better your business will be.

Below are some tips that you can store in your back pocket when the time comes for you to use seasonal staffing.

Your Job Posting

It does not matter how long you want to bring in a new seasonal employee, your job descriptions should be detailed enough so you will draw in the type of candidates you want to attract. In order to get the seasonal help you need, your job descriptions should be clear.

Networking and Referrals

Your top employees, your past seasonal employees, your colleagues, etc. can be some of the best people to turn to when you are trying to find the right group of seasonal employees. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance when it is time to find seasonal employees. You may also encourage some of your best customers to go through a staffing agency and apply to be one of your seasonal employees. Your best customers know your business and they may have an interest in becoming part of your team.

Do Not Skip The Interviews

Many businesses do not feel like they need to have an interview process for seasonal employees, but you should still have a type of interview structure. You can ask job candidates a list of questions that will give you an idea of how they may fit into your workplace.

Bringing in new help during a season can certainly be a smart move. If you are interested in bringing in new employees, you should begin to start this process now. Contact us today for more information on seasonal staffing.

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Six Tips for Seasonal Staffing | Allegiance

Posted by Jul 3, 2017 @ 9:30 am

When your busy season is bearing down on you and you’re considering hiring temporary employees, keep these six tips in mind.

  • While “It’s only temporary,” it’s also ongoing annually. Watch for job candidates likely to be available during the same season next year. Employees willing to return year-after-year during peak season bring their cumulative experience back—to your benefit as well as theirs.
  • Well-trained employees lead to happy customers. While it may be tempting to cut corners on the training of seasonal employees, in the end it can be costly. Customers see all employees equally and expect top-rate service from your all your company representatives. Budget both time and money for good training.
  • Start recruiting in advance. Many seasonal employees will start seeking employment one or two months before they expect to work. Don’t miss out on the best workers by delaying your seasonal recruitment.
  • Continue screening for more workers throughout the season. Unfortunately, even with the best recruiting and screening, some of your temporary workers may be more temporary than you’d like. Plan ahead for replacing those who might, for unforeseen reasons not make it through the season.
  • Consider using a temporary recruiting service. A temp service allows your staff to go on with the demands of permanent positions. An added tip from Choose one staffing agency to fill all of your seasonal hiring needs, as this may encourage them to focus more on your unique needs.
  • If possible, recruit for permanent positions from your pool of temporary help. Once you’ve reaped the seasonal benefits of finding, training, and maintaining that seasonal staff, make the most of your investment by choosing the best workers to fill openings in your regular year-round staff.

It’s great to have a season of booming business. Allegiance Staffing offers 25 years of experience bringing in quality employees who meet high standards. Contact us today to learn more about how our custom labor solutions can improve your bottom line. Looking for work? Join Our Talent Network Today.


Job Interviews: Knock Your Next Interview Out Of The Park | Allegiance

Posted by Jun 26, 2017 @ 9:30 am

It is very important that you are aware of the recent job interview tips and best practices as you prepare for your next interview. When you know about the common interview do’s and dont’s, you will create a very favorable picture of yourself.

Here are some job interview tips and advice that you should keep in mind when you are called for your next interview.

Do Not Underestimate Interview Preparation

This may seem very obvious, but you would be amazed at how many job candidates fail to prepare for an interview like they should. One of the best ways for you to prepare for an interview is to make sure you rehearse your answers to the common job interview questions. You should also put yourself in the position of the interviewer and ask yourself questions you would ask a job candidate. When you can make up your own questions, you will be able to answer those questions confidently.

Expect Multiple Questions

You have to be fully prepared when you are at a job interview. This means you should expect questions that will come completely out of left field. When you are asked closed-ended questions, it will be acceptable to answer those questions with a short answer. However, when you are asked other questions, your answers should be more detailed than your answer to a closed-ended question.

Learn About The Company

One of the biggest mistakes that many job candidates make is that they fail to research the company. It will not be difficult for you to search the internet in order to find information about the company you have an interview for.

Whatever you do, you should make sure you are fully prepared to knock your next job interview out of the park. Contact us today for additional information.

How to Nail Your Job Interview

How to Nail Your Job Interview | Allegiance

Posted by Jun 19, 2017 @ 9:30 am

Job interviews can be very intimidating, even if you have been interviewed many times. Most people get nervous and struggle through the whole thing, knowing that they just blew their chance at a new and better job. However, by being prepared, there are ways to do better!

Here are some tips to nail your job interview.

  • Do your homework. Learn all about all the company and the position that you are applying for. By knowing some of this information, you are more likely to impress your potential boss.
  • Also, make sure that your resume is tailor made for each job. It can really make a difference if you don’t hand in a very general resume. Your objective should be written after you look at the job listing. It can help to use keywords throughout.
  • Be confident. No matter how scared you feel, you have to act confident. You can do this job (and do it well). Tell yourself whatever you have to, in order to stay calm and confident throughout the interview.
  • Be sure to ask some questions. Though they are going to ask you a lot of questions, it is important to have a few ready to ask them. You appear more interested in the job if you ask at least one or two questions.
  • Dress professionally. One of the best ways to not get a job is by dressing inappropriately. You should always dress like you want to impress.

Interviews can be completely scary and overwhelming. Most people don’t feel confident after an interview. In order to change that, go into the interview prepared. Know about the company and the position. Have some questions to ask too!

Contact us to help you get the job that you deserve!

A complete guide to job interviews

A Complete Guide to Job Interviews | Allegiance

Posted by Jun 12, 2017 @ 9:30 am

Job interviews may seem hard, but with this handy guide, you’ll be on your way to landing a job in no time. So, let’s get started with what to do and what to avoid during the interview process.

What to do during the interview process:

Once you’ve landed the interview, there’s a few things you’ll need to do to prepare.

  • Research the company you’re interviewing with. This shows them that you have a genuine interest in working for them.
  • Prepare and practice interview questions you anticipate they’ll ask. However, don’t practice so much that your answers seem rehearsed.
  • Research the hiring company’s dress code policy and dress accordingly.
  • Arriving early for your interview shows the hiring company that you’re reliable.
  • Always have an extra, professional copy of your resume on hand. This makes it easier for the hiring professional to review your qualifications during the interview process.
  • Use good posture and make eye contact during the interview. This shows confidence in yourself and your abilities.

What to avoid during the interview process:

  • Avoid speaking negatively about your former employers or ex-coworkers. This reflects poorly on you.
  • While it’s okay to show that you’re confident in your abilities, avoid being overly cocky. This makes the hiring professional question your honesty. In other words, “Is this person for real?”
  • Avoid answering your phone. If you need your phone on, turn the volume to silent and place it in your bag or pocket. Wait until the interview is over and then check for missed calls and texts.
  • Avoid dominating the interview. Give the hiring professional a chance to ask questions, instead of just walking in and taking over.

Now that you’ve got some tips about what to do and what to avoid during the interview process, it’s time to go land the job of your dreams.

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