To partner with Allegiance Staffing is to join a family. We take pride in the programs we put in place to reward our employees, engage with our communities, and aid in Allegiance Staffing agency’s commitment to give back. Here are just a few of the employee programs that we’ve put in place to support our mission to never settle for anything but the best.

Build. Grow. Share.

The employees of Allegiance are more than just staff, they are partners of our organization as a whole. We created the Build. Grow. Share. program to reward each employee for their contribution to the growth of Allegiance Staffing.

This referral incentive program goes beyond a single payment for employee referrals, and actually pays the referrer a percent of the hourly rate for the duration of their referral’s employment with Allegiance Staffing!

Watch the video below to hear our founder, Tom Landry, explain how the program works and why it’s such great feature of an Allegiance partnership for employees and employers alike!

Corporate Social Responsibility

When Allegiance Staffing was founded in 2001, our purpose was to be a company that is accountable to our clients as well as our employees but most of all the communities. Allegiance Staffing doesn’t just provide employment to our employees, it provides opportunities for all to make a difference for their families as well as their own communities.

Our employees are the ones who are engaging in their communities each day to make a difference. These generous spirited people are giving back by volunteering at food banks, helping the homeless, mentoring at diversity programs, assisting their churches, providing support to our veterans and so much more. These are the actions of good citizens who set the standard for a company like Allegiance Staffing.

Every year we allow our employees to recommend organizations that make a difference in our communities. This feedback allows us to balance our spirit of giving to organizations that makes a difference in the lives of so many. We are proud to be the chosen employer for so many and proud to assist our employee’s efforts with our Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment.