Your Strategic Staffing Partner

You need workers with the right skill set, strong character, and a work ethic you can count on. Our 3-Phase Hiring Process has been refined over years to make sure you get the employees you need when you need them.

We’ll help you reduce turnover, unplanned overtime, and headcount to drive your labor costs down and your profits up.

Our History

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Our History

In 2002, a group of frustrated staffing franchisees decided it was time for a new kind of staffing agency. It would be an agency that was 100% focused on customer satisfaction. Allegiance Staffing was born.

Since then, we have attracted other like-minded individuals to join our family and expand our talent network. Our agency has the flexibility to operate at the local level while maintaining strong core values that every branch of Allegiance Staffing shares.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty in all communications
  • Honoring commitments
  • 100% compliance
  • Taking responsibility
  • Respecting all opinions and ideas
  • Civility in all interactions
  • Willingness to share and collaborate
  • People first
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Our Vision

We are the organization of choice for our client partners, employees, and communities we serve through measurable continuous improvement.

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Our Mission

To build economic and personal pathways to success for our employees and client partners; by loving our neighbors as ourselves, we enrich the communities we serve.

We identify the most dependable and hardworking individuals, verify their skills, and offer them fair wages and continuous safety training.

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Awards and Acknowledgements

Since 2010, our customers have given us a net promoter score of 70%, where the industry average is 29%. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, for both the employers we serve and the employees we match with their ideal jobs. That’s why we will proudly display our customer satisfaction rating as we continue helping the businesses and workers of our communities.

Ready to Optimize
Your Labor Force?

For many years, our customers have given us a net promoter score of 70%, where the industry average is 29%.

  • Over 76% of our clients call us their preferred staffing provider (compared to 36% industry average)
  • Over 78% of our clients rate us a 9 or 10 (compared to 32% industry average)
  • Over 71% of our talent rate us a 9 or 10 (compared to 45% industry average)
  • Over 99% of our employees are asked to return to their initial assignments