Warehouse and Logistics

Your warehouse needs workers who can perform a variety of tasks over multiple shifts, and you’re probably spending the majority of your operating budget for this necessary skilled labor.

When you work with Allegiance Staffing, we’ll help maximize your profits with an efficient warehouse staffing solution designed just for you.

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Looking for a Warehouse Job?

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A Short List of Warehouse Positions We Staff

Inventory Control

Receives and keeps count of items in the warehouse inventory.

Warehouse Workers

Complete shipments by processing and loading orders.

Certified Forklift Operators

Unloads materials and merchandise and moves them where they need to go.

Warehouse Clerks

Manages stock of the warehouse.

Quality Control

Tests and assesses products.

Shipping and Receiving

Keeps records on incoming and outgoing shipments.


Pulls select items from storage and readies them for shipment.

Order Pullers

Picks products in a warehouse and prepares them for customer orders.

Material Handlers

Handles, moves, and stores various non-hazardous and hazardous materials within a warehouse.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Ensures online customer orders are fulfilled in a timely manner.

…and More!

We can help you staff any role on your logistics team.

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Want to Know More About Warehouse Jobs?

What Do Warehouse Workers Make?

Curious to know what you could be making as a warehouse worker? Try our Income Calculator to find out!

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You need a logistics workforce you can count on for your warehouse. Allegiance Staffing will work with you to develop a warehouse staffing labor strategy that exceeds expectations.

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Our Approach to Warehouse Staffing

Our experienced team will staff your facility with the most dependable, skilled, and safety-conscious employees available by following our proven 3-Phase Hiring Process. Basically, we find the candidates that will show up and work hard, and we keep them happy with fair wages and respect.

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Quality Service Backed by Our Net Promoter Score

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, for both the employers we serve and the employees we match with their ideal jobs. That’s why we will proudly display our customer satisfaction rating as we continue helping the businesses and workers of our communities.

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