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Companies from many different industries look to Allegiance Staffing to find the perfect employees. If you’re a hard worker, have good character, and pass our screening process, we’ll find the right job for you.

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Allegiance Staffing has helped over 15,000+ qualified workers find jobs for the past 20 years. We’ve been awarded time and again for our exceptional customer satisfaction. We’d like to help you next.

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Work directly with one of our skilled recruiters who will provide you with employment resources and additional assistance, download the Allegiance Staffing App, or search our job postings online for something that matches your skills.

After submitting your resume, you’ll take part in our 3-Phase Hiring Process. This process highlights your skills, character, and reliability. Once you have the Allegiance stamp of approval, we’ll be able to quickly land you a job.

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Why Work for a Staffing Company?

When you partner with Allegiance Staffing, we take the guesswork out of your job hunt by evaluating your skills, experience, and character and then finding the perfect job to match. Our talent also gets access to special programs like our Build. Grow. Share. program to start making extra income right away.

We’re Looking for Workers in These Industries

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Warehouses need hard workers that will show up on time and get the job done. This industry typically comes with flexible hours and opportunity for overtime!

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Light Manufacturing

Put your skills to good use with a job in the manufacturing industry. Not all manufacturing jobs require certifications or education. Find out more today.

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Call Center

If you’re motivated, enjoy helping people, and love staying organized, the call center and customer care industry may be just the right fit!

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icon clerical


Often the unsung heroes of the business world, clerical staff are crucial for keeping a company running smoothly.

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icon healthcare


If you’re a natural caretaker, love people, and look forward to providing quality care to patients, this industry may be the right fit for you.

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icon hospitality


Looking to be part of a professional team to provide concierge-level service? There are plenty of job opportunities in the hospitality industry!

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Not sure what job is right for you? With our Quick Apply option, Allegiance will evaluate your skills, experience, and schedule and find the perfect match.

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Employee Testimonials

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“Very understandable, fun, and always willing to help you. I have learned a lot and been with Allegiance Staffing for nearly a year now. I know what I’m sent here to do and my work performance shows it all.”

Employee, Current Employee, Forklift Operator

“Hands down the place to go if you need any help getting into the workforce.”

Employee, Bizzle

“Professional. Good communication. Quick responses.”

Employee, Dave C.

“I would simply receive a text telling me where to go, and I would show up, be issued the required tools I needed and any instruction, and work until the day was over.”

Employee, Former Employee, General Laborer

“It was a fast paced, relaxed agency that got you a job efficiently and proficiently. If you’re looking for a warehouse job I recommend working through this agency.”

Employee, Former Employee, Warehouse Worker

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