Allegiance Staffing strives to elevate your operating reality, optimize your labor costs, minimize safety incidents, and help you maintain compliance.

We are an equal opportunity employer that understands the R.O.I of happy, skilled employees and has the integrity to never cut corners. Therefore, all of our employees have their residency status confirmed, are safety tested to ensure OSHA compliance and are paid a fair wage with the benefits they deserve.

Your Partner for Peace of Mind

We remain up-to-date on the latest labor and employment laws as well as human resource best practices.

At the beginning of our relationship, we’ll review liability to ensure everyone in on the same page. We will then provide a comprehensive workplace safety compliance analysis that includes plans, forms, checklists, and documents for crucial compliance topics.

Our goal is to implement the best labor solution and accurately handle payroll, insurance, and taxes so you can focus on additional ways to maximize revenue.

Safety From the Start

Allegiance Staffing follows a 3-Phase Hiring Process™ to avoid injuries, lost productivity, lawsuits and unforeseen expenses. The most important aspect of this process is ensuring future employees can safely perform all required tasks.

To do so, we verify previous work experience and safety certifications and test each candidate for skills before providing an intense training orientation.

As a result, our incident rate is only 11 per 200,000 working hours, compared to the staffing industry average of 41.

For a safety-focused, strategic, and compliant labor solution, contact Allegiance Staffing.

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