Grow Your Paycheck With Allegiance Staffing Referrals

When you become an employee of Allegiance, you’re more than just staff. You become partners of our organization.

We created the Build. Grow. Share. program to reward our employees for staffing referrals that contribute to the growth of Allegiance Staffing. This referral incentive program goes beyond a single payment and actually pays you a percentage of the hourly rate of anyone you refer!

Participants in our Build. Grow. Share. Program earn an average of $2,880 extra per year! Allegiance Staffing has paid out hundreds of thousands annually to employees who have participated in the program, and you could be next.

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Build. Grow. Share.

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Employees That Refer Hired
Individuals Receive on Average…

Allegiance Staffing has paid out hundreds of thousands annually
to employees that have participated in the program.







Employee Testimonials

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“The Build Grow Share Program is such a simple referral program to earn extra income.”

Leonard from Charlotte

“I referred 20 people during peak season at my assignment with Allegiance Staffing and earned 900.00 in 2 months! I couldn’t believe the program was that easy.”

Carolina from Atlanta

“I have worked for many staffing agencies that pay a one-time referral bonus, but Allegiance Staffing keeps paying you as long as your referrals keeps working. It never ends and I have been working for Allegiance Staffing for over a year! ”

Travis from Houston

“I can only work part time due to school, but I gained an extra day of pay each week from my referrals. I am working on more referrals to gain another day which will give me full weeks’ pay as a part time worker! Talk about easy money and flexibility to advance my education. – Thank You Allegiance Staffing”

LaToya from Louisville

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