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Your call center is often the first human contact a customer has with your business. You need a workforce that will represent your company with professionalism, patience, and accuracy.

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Looking for a Call Center Job?

Do you have the communication skills, organizational know-how, and even temper to be an effective call center representative? Browse the jobs below, then contact us to schedule an interview.

A Short List of Call Center Positions We Staff

Customer Service Representative

Answer customer calls, gather information, and help resolve customer needs or complaints.

Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative who is fluent in Spanish as well as English.

Remote Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative operating remotely from somewhere other than the primary call center.

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Want to Know More About Call Center Jobs?

What Do Call Center Employees Make?

Want to know what you could be earning at a call center? Check out our Income Calculator.

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Find Your Call Center Talent Today

Allegiance Staffing can help you find the best candidates to fill your call center. Let us send you the ideal workers while you concentrate on your business.

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Our Approach to Staffing Call Centers

Our 3-Phase Hiring Process determines the skills, character, and work ethic of each applicant. Only the most even-tempered and computer literate candidates will be considered to work for your business.

Let us find the perfect workforce for you today and start putting smiles on your customers’ faces.

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Quality Service Backed by Our Net Promoter Score

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, for both the employers we serve and the employees we match with their ideal jobs. That’s why we will proudly display our customer satisfaction rating as we continue helping the businesses and workers of our communities.

Let Us Help You Find Quality Call Center Employees!

Your customized call center staffing solution is waiting for you. Contact us today to get started on your path to workforce optimization.