Net Promoter Score

Each year, clients and talent are asked to rate their experience with us. We’re proud to say that Allegiance Staffing has outperformed the staffing industry since 2009 with an average Net Promoter Score of 70%, which exceeds the industry average rating of less than 20%.

Now, Allegiance Staffing is entering a new era of customer satisfaction. Each year, we will send a survey to our clients and talent with a single question, “How likely are you to recommend Allegiance Staffing to a friend or colleague?” When it comes to happy customers, it’s the only question that matters. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) will remain on display as a reminder of our dedication to our clients and our employees.

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The Trusted Labor Solution

If you need an efficient labor solution and a strategic staffing partner, contact Allegiance Staffing.

  • Our 70% average has outperformed the industry average, which puts us in the top 2% of firms in North America
  • More than 76% of our clients call us their preferred staffing provider (compared to a 36% industry average)
  • Almost all (99.2%) of employees are asked to return to their initial assignment
  • Our Temp to Perm conversion rate is 90%

A History of Excellence

Each annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) that has outperformed the industry average is a reminder that we should only be looking to the future. Our unwavering goal is not to be fulfilled each year with high rating results but to serve our customers’ needs and help them achieve stronger businesses and promising careers by ensuring our deliverables stay consistent every year.

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Employer Reviews

“Good communication and solid employees were sent to us.”

Automobile Manufacture — HR

“Allegiance has excellent customer service, communication and the staff is always responsive.”

Freight Forwarder — GM

“Quick responses to candidate requests. Quality of candidates has been consistently higher than other staffing firms.”

Restaurant Supplier — Operations Manager

“The amount of time and effort put into the recruitment process for our company has been much appreciated.”

Medical Research Company — Manufacturing Manager

“I have always had good experiences with Allegiance staffing finding my team qualified employees.”

Metal Fabricator Plant — COO

“Excellent Customer Service and always focused on metrics and results. Allegiance Staffing has managed to perform better than other staffing agencies during uncontrollable economic challenges.

Pharmaceutical HR Manager

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