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Looking for a Healthcare Job?

We’re always on the lookout for qualified healthcare workers. Take a look at the jobs below, then schedule your interview with Allegiance Staffing today.

A Short List of Healthcare Positions We Staff

Certified Nursing Technicians

Works with elderly, disabled, and infirm patients to help them perform routine daily tasks.

Cafeteria Staff

Prepares and serves food, maintains and restocks kitchen.

Laboratory Assistants

Main duties include preparing test samples, keeping lab records, and documenting test findings.

X-Ray Technicians

Uses medical imaging equipment to produce images of tissues, organs, and bones.


Ensures patients entering the facility are processed correctly and sent where they need to go.

Janitorial Staff

Cleans and maintains the medical facility.


Welcomes patients and guests to the facility.

Patient Assistance

Monitors patients’ vital signs and assists them with basic tasks.


… and most non-prescribing, non-diagnosing positions!

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Want to Know More About the Healthcare Industry?

What Do Healthcare Workers Make?

See the average salary of healthcare workers in your area. Try our Income Calculator now!

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Find Your Healthcare Talent Today

When faced with high turnover rates and shrinking budgets, it can be challenging to maintain the labor force you need to effectively maintain your medical facility. We’ll vet every applicant to find the best candidates, then decrease your turnover by giving them fair wages and respect.

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Our Approach to Staffing for Hospitality

At Allegiance Staffing, we’ll help reduce your costs by providing you with the most effective labor solution. We follow a 3-Phase Hiring Process which tests every candidate for reliability, character, work ethic, and skills to determine which candidates are the right fit for the job.

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Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, for both the employers we serve and the employees we match with their ideal jobs. That’s why we will proudly display our customer satisfaction rating as we continue helping the businesses and workers of our communities.

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