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Parcel Forum 2019: Tom Landry Addresses How to Counter Labor Shortages

November 13, 2019 | News Blog

Virtually every industry in America is facing the challenge of a labor shortage for qualified and quality talent to fill critical jobs.

At Parcel Forum 2019 in Dallas, Allegiance Staffing CEO Tom Landry addressed the labor shortage specifically for the shipping, warehouse, and packaging industries.

During a panel discussion on Tuesday morning, October 29, Mr. Landry discussed various strategies that companies can use to support two primary objectives — build up the capabilities of current employees and bring in high-quality talent to fill critical roles.

The message addressed these critical issues facing employers in supply chain-driven industries:

  • How do you build a qualified workforce?
  • Where do you find the right talent?
  • How do you keep qualified workers?
  • How do to prevent other companies from poaching top workers?

Tactics to Attract Employees

A regular paycheck, decent commute, decent schedule, access to a retirement plan, and health benefits are not enough to attract quality talent for your critical positions. In this market, talent has the ability to be very selective about the jobs they pursue.

Leading companies are taking the next step of investing in the capabilities of their employees. This is very attractive to prospective talent that wants to know that their potential employer cares about their personal and professional growth.

What are some of the next-level opportunities that talent is seeking and that employers can tactically provide?

  • Mentorship from experienced leaders in your company to set the pathway for advancement.
  • Apprenticeship opportunities with older workers who can show younger workers the ropes.
  • On-the-job and off-site training opportunities paid for by your company to build up the employee’s skills.

There are other benefits that you can present to prospective employees that may pertain to your specific company or industry. But, this is a good start to attract a higher level of talent that cares about career growth.

Methods to Maintain Employees

Once an employee is part of your company, employees want to know where they stand in their current position, how they are performing, and what their career trajectory is.

Employers that set-and-forget their employees will soon find them searching for other work opportunities, leading to unwanted turnover. In this jobs market, you simply cannot afford to lose quality talent to competitors.

What are some methods to ensure that employees stay engaged, motivated, and continue to perform at a high level?

  • Set a schedule of reviewing employee performance — and stick to the schedule.
  • Outline a clear path of career advancement using metrics and timelines — be specific about benchmarks that an employee needs to reach.
  • Celebrate wins — big and small — that show your appreciation for the employee’s hard work and commitment.

The method to maintaining employees boils down to a two-way street of value. Are you investing in the employee so they bring more value to the company, and are you expressing how valuable the employee is to the company and your company’s growth?

Hitting on these two value points will help your company retain quality talent and build up future high-level contributors as they advance in their careers.

Consider Outsourcing to Fill Critical Staffing Needs

We understand that many companies involved in the supply chain are challenged to attract and retain quality talent. That’s why we recommend outsourcing your talent fulfillment needs to an award-winning staffing agency such as Allegiance Staffing.

Our staffing agency has built an exceptional Talent Network with qualified talent. The talent is ready to fill roles in shipping, warehouse, and packaging as your needs change over time.

Mr. Landry appreciated the opportunity to discuss this solution at Parcel Forum 2019 in Dallas. Whether you attended Parcel Forum or simply want to know more about our staffing agency’s ability to fill your talent needs, contact us today to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to finding a labor solution for your company.