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Tom Landry Quoted in Newspaper Report on Staffing Agency Best Practices

July 8, 2019 | News Blog

HOUSTON, TX — July 8, 2019 — Allegiance Staffing CEO Tom Landry was recently interviewed by the Dallas Morning News newspaper on the critical topic of ethical business practices by staffing agencies.

The focus of the story was on legal loopholes available for staffing agencies and their clients to exploit for gain. Specifically, the opportunity to utilize undocumented individuals as temporary workers.

Allegiance Staffing recognizes the topic of undocumented workers as a sensitive subject in our country. That’s why Allegiance takes a strong position of protecting these individuals by not exploiting workers who are vulnerable.

“There’s always somebody out there who you can do business with,” Mr. Landry was quoted. “The government offers the option. You have to make the decision of who you’re going to be.”

While some staffing agencies and their clients claim this practice is providing an opportunity for undocumented workers to find work in our country (which is illegal), Allegiance views this as taking advantage of individuals by keeping wages down.

The result is exposing workers to low wages, less than ideal conditions, abusive schedules with no scheduling safeguards, and the potential to be arrested if found violating state and federal laws, while both the company and the clients are technically in compliance with the law.

Staffing agencies that follow this practice are often pop-up shops with no proven track record. When the agency closes, the undocumented workers are left in a bind with no protection, victims of a system that allows this practice to continue.

“There are options — that’s the problem. It’s kind of a bad deal. It’s not right, but it’s legal,” Mr. Landry was quoted. “There’s a lot of stuff out there about the industry where you have the few bad operators and you don’t get the true picture of what the industry does. As an industry, it’s difficult to call out somebody who’s not been breaking the law.”

Allegiance Staffing takes this issue very seriously. The decision has been made to ensure that all workers are documented, vetted, trained, and protected before being placed into a new role with a client employer.

The Allegiance promise is to ensure that temporary workers are treated fairly and with respect. The company looks forward to the rest of the staffing industry taking the moral and ethical responsibility to adopt the same practice.