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10 Warehouse Jobs Hiring Immediately Near You

February 15, 2023 | Career Blog

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent position, working in a warehouse can offer many career opportunities. Warehouse employees can explore how a company functions from the ground up, getting a feel for the various positions and what the company offers.

Different warehouse jobs can also provide you with new skills you can take with you throughout your career. There are so many different types of warehouse jobs, so you can often find a position that suits your talents or interests.

If you’re looking for warehouse jobs hiring immediately near you, this list is for you! 

Warehouse Jobs to Consider Right Now

Check out the job descriptions below, then talk to the Allegiance Staffing team to explore more warehouse job opportunities near you.

1. Certified Forklift Operators – median U.S. salary of $31,600/year.

Certified forklift operators receive special training to safely operate heavy equipment around the warehouse. Forklift operators use their skills to help with loading and unloading materials or goods or moving goods or materials from place to place around the warehouse.

  • Load and unload incoming or outgoing goods or materials.
  • Keep the warehouse organized by moving items from place to place.

2. Warehouse Workers – median U.S. salary of $28,000/year.

Warehouse workers often perform several tasks around the warehouse. These employees are usually tasked with processing orders, completing shipments and ensuring they are correct, and loading orders onto trucks. Warehouse workers also help keep the warehouse neat and organized by helping to unload and sort goods.

  • Ensure orders are completed correctly and promptly.
  • Load orders onto trucks.

3. Warehouse Clerks – median U.S. salary of $35,000/year.

Warehouse clerks often have similar job requirements to warehouse workers, but instead of completing orders, clerks manage warehouse stock. These employees maintain a correct and up-to-date inventory, and they may liaison with other employees to ensure that income and outgoing goods, materials, or products are accounted for.

  • Maintain a correct inventory.
  • Keep inventory up-to-date by tracking incoming and outgoing goods or materials.

4. Inventory Control – median U.S. salary of $40,000/year.

Inventory control employees often work closely with warehouse clerks. They are in charge of receiving incoming goods, materials, or products and ensuring that a proper count of the items is kept. These employees also process purchases when necessary. If the inventory is incorrect, they’ll also work to figure out why the count is off.

  • Receive items and maintain a correct inventory.
  • Process warehouse purchases.
  • Solve inventory issues.

5. Quality Control – median U.S. salary of $37,000/year.

Quality control workers help to ensure that the products or goods customers or clients receive are up to the company’s standards. They’ll check items for flaws and may test finished products to ensure they perform correctly. They can also help to develop new production methods to ensure that quality is maintained.

  • Test items for flaws.
  • Ensure company standards for products or goods are maintained.

6. Shipping and Receiving – median U.S. salary of $33,000/year.

Shipping and receiving workers help warehouse clerks, workers, and inventory control employees maintain a correct inventory and process orders by keeping records of all incoming and outgoing shipments. They will also inspect incoming goods or materials for damage and help to organize items as they enter the warehouse.

  • Keep track of incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Keep the warehouse organized.
  • Inspect incoming items for damage.

7. Pickers – median U.S. salary of $32,000/year.

Pickers locate products and pick them from shelves to fulfill orders. Many pickers will then carefully package the order and ensure it is processed and completed correctly.

Picker positions are usually fast-paced. Because they often gain a solid working knowledge of where items are kept, pickers often help other warehouse employees keep the warehouse organized or maintain inventory.

  • Pick items from storage to fulfill orders.
  • Prepare orders for shipping.

8. Order Pullers – median U.S. salary of $35,000/year.

Order pullers have similar job requirements to pickers. Order puller employees will receive a customer’s order, then locate the items needed to fulfill the order. Instead of readying the order for shipment, however, order pullers gather the items together and prepare them for delivery or for the customer to come in and pick them up.

  • Pull items from shelves to fulfill customer orders.
  • Prepare orders for delivery or customer pickup.

9. Material Handlers – median U.S. salary of $31,000/year.

Material handlers are tasked with handling, moving, storing, and organizing the various materials the warehouse requires to create products. Often, these materials are non-hazardous, but some material handlers may receive special training to work with hazardous materials. These employees can also help maintain an up-to-date inventory and may inform inventory control personnel about necessary purchases.

  • Handle and move non-hazardous and hazardous materials.
  • Ensure materials are stored correctly, neatly, and safely.

10. E-Commerce Fulfillment – median U.S. salary of $35,000/year.

E-commerce fulfillment employees ensure that online orders are fulfilled correctly and in a timely manner. They might be tasked with recording fulfilled orders, pulling items from shelves, or packaging orders for shipment or delivery.

E-commerce fulfillment employees also maintain positive relationships with clients and may offer quotes or discounts, depending on the situation. These employees also sometimes handle returns from customers.

  • Ensure that online orders are fulfilled correctly and efficiently.
  • Prepare packages for shipment.
  • Take care of returns.

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