What Is A Data Entry Clerk?

What Is A Data Entry Clerk?

Whether you’re looking for part-time, full-time, or remote employment, you’ve probably seen a lot of job postings for data entry clerks. Many of these postings are for entry-level positions, so it looks like a good starting point for a new career or just some extra cash. But what is a data entry clerk? What do […]

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Ace your interview with these interview questions for temporary staff.

9 Interview Questions for Manufacturing Jobs

Job interviews are stressful events for most people. You need to look your best, present yourself in the most professional manner possible, and give meaningful answers to the interviewer’s questions. But did you know that interviews are difficult for the employer too? Many of the interviewers you’ll sit down with feel pressured to represent the […]

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Night jobs don’t have to be boring!

7 Night Jobs That Won’t Make You Fall Asleep

Whether you’re thinking about getting a night job for some extra cash, to be able to attend classes during the day, or just because you’re a night owl, you should know there are several advantages. Night shift employees usually deal with less job competition, get paid more, and have much easier commutes. Managers typically work […]

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Working fast and efficiently to earn your paycheck

The Fastest Way to Work and Earn Your Paycheck

Sometimes it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You want to get your job done quickly and efficiently, feel a sense of accomplishment, and keep your bosses happy with your performance. Unfortunately, poor time management, a lack of motivation, and procrastination are the biggest enemies of a productive day. So how […]

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Happy employee staffed at a job that requires no education

7 Great Jobs that Require No Education

Are you ready for a new career but worried that a lack of education will slow you down? Even if all you have is a high school diploma (or the equivalent), there are still many great career options available for you. While some of these positions can benefit from secondary education or licensing, check out […]

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Company welcomes former felons and second chance employees to interview.

7 Types of Companies that Hire Felons

Getting a job after a felony conviction can seem like an impossible task. Many companies, especially large ones, won’t even consider hiring someone with a criminal background. It’s not all bad news, though. Depending on the state you live in and the nature of your felony, you might still be a good candidate for a […]

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Jobseeker searches online for information on temporary jobs.

What is a Temp Job, and Should I Apply for One?

Temp jobs (temporary jobs) are positions you hold for a short period of time based on an agreement with the company you’re working for. These time periods can be as short as a few hours or go on for months. Many companies hire temps for peaks in production, like during the holidays or if a […]

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Worker finds a great part time overnight job in her city.

How to Find Part Time Overnight Jobs Near You

People looking for work tend to forget about overnight jobs. This is because the third shift has a reputation of being the “unwanted” shift. Actually there are some major perks to working overnight, including shift availability, schedule flexibility, and even sometimes a boost in pay. Additionally, some people are night owls and work best at […]

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Happy employees are excited about working for a job they love.

How to Find A Job You Love

If you are wondering how to find a job you love, you’re not alone. Many people settle for whatever they can find and simply accept that dreading going to work is normal. Though saying “your job is just a job, and not your life” may seem like a healthier perspective, it’s also important to acknowledge […]

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