Company welcomes former felons and second chance employees to interview.

7 Types of Companies that Hire Felons

Getting a job after a felony conviction can seem like an impossible task. Many companies, especially large ones, won’t even consider hiring someone with a criminal background. It’s not all bad news, though. Depending on the state you live in and the nature of your felony, you might still be a good candidate for a […]

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Jobseeker searches online for information on temporary jobs.

What is a Temp Job, and Should I Apply for One?

Temp jobs (temporary jobs) are positions you hold for a short period of time based on an agreement with the company you’re working for. These time periods can be as short as a few hours or go on for months. Many companies hire temps for peaks in production, like during the holidays or if a […]

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Worker finds a great part time overnight job in her city.

How to Find Part Time Overnight Jobs Near You

People looking for work tend to forget about overnight jobs. This is because the third shift has a reputation of being the “unwanted” shift. Actually there are some major perks to working overnight, including shift availability, schedule flexibility, and even sometimes a boost in pay. Additionally, some people are night owls and work best at […]

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Happy employees are excited about working for a job they love.

How to Find A Job You Love

If you are wondering how to find a job you love, you’re not alone. Many people settle for whatever they can find and simply accept that dreading going to work is normal. Though saying “your job is just a job, and not your life” may seem like a healthier perspective, it’s also important to acknowledge […]

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Finding a job after long-term unemployment can be difficult.

How to Find Work After Long-term Unemployment

COVID-19 caused a considerable amount of people to be out of work, struggling to figure out what to do to make ends meet in a new and uncertain job market. To be more specific, the number of people who became unemployed in the US reached an unusual high of 23,109,000 in April of 2020. Being […]

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Man working in a warehouse moving boxes after looking through warehouse jobs that hire felons

Top 6 Warehouse Jobs that Hire Felons

Typically, employers that have many jobs to fill have become way more flexible about hiring felons. Yes, this originally was because they were having difficulty filling all of their openings, but that’s not the only reason. Specifically for warehouse jobs, employers are open to hiring felons because they usually get some training that fits with […]

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Person thinking about how to look for a job and considering using a staffing agency

How To Look for A Job and Get To Work Quickly

If you’re currently in need of work, you probably are hoping to find a job fast. Not many people know how to look for a job, but there are definitely tips and tricks that can help. As a company that specializes in helping people find the kind of work they like to do, we have […]

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Professional juggling tasks at hotel front desk after finding out more about whether working at a hotel is stressful

Is Working at a Hotel Stressful?

It’s incredibly common for employees to become stressed on the job when working in the hospitality industry. After all, your job is to make sure customers are happy, and sometimes there are things going wrong that make them unhappy. Unfortunately, it just comes with the territory. So, yes, working at a hotel may become stressful. […]

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Professional maintains a positive attitude at work in his work environment.

Tips for Keeping a Positive Attitude at Work

Without a positive attitude, getting work done is a lot more challenging than it should be. There are many things that can contribute to a poor attitude, and many of those things are outside factors that can feel uncontrollable.  HR professionals and business owners are paying attention to their employees’ mental health more than ever […]

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Delivery driver performing duties during his graveyard shift job

4 Graveyard Shift Jobs that Won’t Put You to Sleep

Even if you consider yourself a “night owl”, it’s still important that you’re getting a healthy amount of sleep on a regular basis. People are needed for graveyard shift jobs, and they’re expected to be able to work them without falling asleep or getting ill.  If you’re interested in overnight work, it’s 100% possible. Just […]

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