Warehouse worker takes advantage of available second chance jobs on his career path

How to Find the Second Chance Jobs That Pay the Bills

Life is a long winding road and a lot can change throughout the journey. Though things may get messy and you may have headed down a rough path, it’s important to know that second chance jobs are out there. There are actually specific organizations and businesses that focus on finding jobs for people who have […]

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Young man and woman working the front desk at a hotel

How to Describe a Front Desk Job on a Resume

If you are looking for a new hospitality position and are wondering how to describe a front desk job on a resume, you have come to the right place. Building a resume isn’t rocket science, but it does require a little strategic thinking. The information that you include on your resume plays a major role […]

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Felon in the job application process by allegiance staffing.

How to Get Hired by Temp Agencies that Hire Felons

It’s no secret that getting a job as a convicted felon is challenging. If you don’t have a case worker to give you advice or help you get on a path, it can feel nearly impossible. Sound like a familiar situation? Don’t give up hope, there are solutions out there for you. In fact, we […]

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Young man working in an overnight job by allegiance staffing a leading staffing agency in houston, texas.

9 Overnight Jobs That Are Worth Staying Up For

Overnight or third shift jobs are great for night owls or those who have other pressing responsibilities during the day. Though working the late shift is not for everyone, more than 2 million Americans enjoy this type of work, saying they actually work better at night. This is especially the case if the job is […]

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A young man working at the front desk of a hotel by allegiance staffing a leading staffing agency in houston, texas.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Hotel Front Desk Jobs

Compared to a lot of positions in the hospitality industry, working the front desk at a hotel is a pretty clutch deal. The hourly pay is decent, there are often perks & benefits included, and usually a lot of room for growth. However, those who have worked in customer service & hospitality know that this […]

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A warehouse where employees fulfill orders.

What Skills Do Employers Seek for Fulfillment Jobs?

While it is possible to land fulfillment jobs without any prior work experience in a warehouse, you still want to be thoughtful about what skills you include on your resume when applying for those positions. Your cover letter, objective, and skill list should all reflect why you would be a great fit for that kind […]

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A warehouse worker on the job by allegiance staffing.

The Top 10 Most Important Duties of a Warehouse Associate

Warehouse associates play vital roles in ensuring that all processes and systems are being carried out efficiently in the workplace. Warehouses store raw materials or manufactured products before they are shipped off to be sold, and it’s up to the associates to maintain, organize, and move those items. The duties of a warehouse associate depend […]

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