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2022 Employee Net Promoter Score: 

December 12, 2022 | Career Blog

Allegiance Staffing is committed to helping talent around the U.S. find the best work opportunity in a variety of industries. It is our goal to match up workers with high-quality employment opportunities based on your skills, experience, and knowledge.

The latest metrics capture the success of our staffing approach for employees. Specifically, our new Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) that surveys talent satisfaction more than tripled the industry average.

We are proud to have far exceeded the candidate satisfaction scores reported in the ClearlyRated 2022 NPS Net Promoter Score, which is a key benchmark in the industry.

Inside the Numbers on Our 2022 Employee Net Promoter Score

Consider how our Net Promoter Score for employees compares to the industry average:

  • Allegiance Staffing: 68 NPS for talent
  • Industry Average: 19 Candidate NPS Score
  • Allegiance Staffing Promoters: 80%
  • Industry Average Promoters: 45%

The employee Net Promoter Score includes three key components: promoters who have found success working with Allegiance Staffing, passive respondents who did not respond to the talent satisfaction survey, and detractors. Our NPS score was bolstered by the number of promoters for our staffing agency and engaged workers who responded to the survey.

The metrics indicate that the talent we work with appreciate our efforts to match them up with quality jobs and stay engaged in their career path to provide them with additional job opportunities. The latest survey results show that we are on the right track meeting the needs of talent who are seeking great jobs that fit their current work season.

Would you like to be added to our talent database? We are constantly looking to grow our database so that we can match up talent with available jobs. If you are committed to working hard, have good character, and pass our screening process, we’ll help you find the right job.

Find out more about how to be added to our database so that you can be considered for job opportunities.

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