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2022 Net Promoter Score: Allegiance Doubles Industry Average!

November 21, 2022 | Staffing Blog

Allegiance Staffing strives to provide exceptional staffing solutions for employers across the country. We do more than provide talent; we look for strategic opportunities to deliver labor solutions that solve larger problems that companies experience.

The latest metrics reinforce the success of our solutions for employers. Specifically, our new Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveying employer satisfaction doubled the industry average.

We are proud to have exceeded the scores reported in the ClearlyRated 2022 NPS Net Promoter Score, which is a key benchmark in the industry.

Inside the Numbers on Our 2022 Net Promoter Score

Consider how our Net Promoter Score compares to the industry average:

  • Allegiance Staffing: 63 NPS for clients
  • Industry Average: 31 Client NPS Score
  • Allegiance Staffing Promoters: 70%
  • Industry Average Promoters: 46%

The Net Promoter Score includes three key components: promoters (or champions) of our staffing company, passive respondents, and detractors. Our NPS score was strengthened by the percentage of promoters for Allegiance Staffing and the number of companies who responded to the survey about our company.

The metrics indicate that the clients we work with appreciate our labor solutions and are engaged with our company to complete the survey. The latest survey results is the ultimate compliment from our valued clients.

Not a current client? We would appreciate the opportunity to support your company as well. We offer labor solutions that go beyond staffing. We analyze your situation, identify areas of improvement, and deliver high-quality talent to elevate your operating reality.

Take a look at these case studies that capture the success of companies in your situation.

When you’re ready to discuss a strategic solution that fits your need, contact us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to supporting your company!