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2020 Staffing Trends We Are Seeing Take Shape

2020 is a big year for staffing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been working up to it for some time now as job markets continue to expand. Based on their statistics, many job seekers will be looking to play their hand and dabble in new markets. This may seem promising for you. After all, […]

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4 Tips for Managing Millennials in a Warehouse

56 million members of the workforce were born between 1981 and 1996, according to the Pew Research Center. You know this group as “Millennials.” This generation is different than any that came before them and now likely make up a major part of your team. You’ve likely heard some of the negative stereotypes — attention-seeking, […]

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The State of the Temporary Labor Market in 2020

Employers are in the middle of a tight labor market where not enough qualified talent is available to fill necessary jobs. Unemployment is hovering around 3.7 percent and the ratio of eligible unemployed workers to available jobs is less than 1:1, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). What does this mean for employers […]

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When Are Temporary Employees Eligible for Benefits?

Companies that outsource hiring to a staffing agency want to know how benefits are handled for temporary workers. Each hiring situation is different for whether the burden falls on the employer or the staffing agency to provide benefits. Consider when employees are eligible for benefits in each situation. Employee Benefits for Contract Positions Every business […]

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5 Ways for Measuring Employee Productivity

Being in charge of a team of employees takes a certain level of awareness. If you aren’t continuously measuring employee productivity, your staff will be sure to notice, and work ethic will inevitably become lax. Employees that are not putting their best foot forward can result in a lack in sales, increased accidents, unhappy customers, […]

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How Many Interviews Are Enough to Find an Employee Match?

In today’s tight labor market where there is a shortage of qualified talent to fill critical roles, employers need to shore up their recruiting and hiring tactics. One important step is focusing on your recruiting tactics to have the right talent in your talent pool for available jobs. Another important step is knowing how many […]

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4 Benefits of Working with Warehouse Temp Agencies

When it comes to staffing for your various warehouse needs, the benefits of using a staffing agency that specializes in your industry are boundless. Agencies help companies like yours find the necessary talent to carry out each project in the most affordable and effective way. Agencies perform all of the steps of the recruitment and […]

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The True Value of Working With a Staffing Agency

Finding smart, hardworking employees that fit in with your current staff can be an arduous task. You want to make sure you are attracting top-tier applicants to your company to increase productivity and reduce the risk of unwanted turnover. If your company is new and has not built a reputation in the market, such quality […]

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3 Compelling Reasons to Work with a Temporary Staffing Agency

Margins are slimming. Competition is growing. The labor market is tightening. Your company or division needs every advantage possible to ensure that you continue to grow revenue, market share, and productivity. Consider these compelling reasons to work with a temporary staffing agency to fill critical roles on your team to help achieve your business objectives. […]

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