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3 “P’s” to Pre-empt Mistakes at Your Next Job Interview

October 4, 2016 | Career Blog

Job interviews are generally intimidating and often demoralizing. Fortunately, they do not have to be. Taking practical steps before the interview to make yourself feel more comfortable and competent give you the confidence to make the necessary impression at your next interview. You may still need practice to ace any successive interviews, but following each of these steps brings you exponentially closer to your dream job.

1. Premeditate

This does not mean overwhelming yourself with all of the possible scenarios, questions, or answers. The fact is, you cannot possibly predict exactly what the interviewer will want, but that does not leave you powerless.

Look for trends from previous interviews: What kinds of questions do interviewers ask? What kinds of information do they respond to, and what do they ignore? What part of the interview is the hardest for you? How do you calm yourself if you start feeling nervous? Next, consider a few possible questions or topics based on these trends, and use that data to take the next step.

2. Prepare

Again, you cannot predict every possibility. You can, however, research the company and the position, putting yourself in the perfect place to answer each question wisely, including relevant information and related past experiences.

Gathering information and organizing your new-found knowledge gives you the tools to respond thoroughly and intelligently. Furthermore, the more data you discover regarding your potential employers and positions, the better you can address the questions from the first section.

3. Practice

The mirror is your friend. You may feel silly or shy to talk to yourself or a trusted friend as if they were your interviewer, but you will most certainly thank yourself for doing it in the long-run.

Practice everything from the route to where your interview takes place to how to put up your hair to how to answer the questions that intimidate you the most. When you practice, you give yourself the opportunity to determine your strengths and weaknesses in a low-pressure environment and then use that information to improve your deficiencies.


Taking your game to the next level is as simple as taking these three steps before your next interview. Investing time before the interview makes all of the difference during it, which in turn shapes the future.

Ready to take the first step? Look here for more tips, and let us help you move forward!