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4 Steps for Hiring a Staffing Firm

November 19, 2014 | Staffing Blog

4 Steps to Hiring a Staffing Firm

So, you think you need a staffing agency? It’s important to realize not all staffing firms are created equally – and we just don’t mean in terms of their pricing. Don’t hire the first company you find in a Google search. Ask colleagues in your industry for recommendations and then carefully vet each staffing firm to determine the best fit for your needs.

Here are four steps to get you started:

  1. Determine your company’s staffing needs. Are you looking for workers for a long-term or short-term project? Do you need seasonal help at the holidays or during your company’s busy season? How much experience should the workers have? Just as you would for a permanent staff position, craft a job description so you can effectively communicate to the staffing agency just what you need.
  2. Ask each company about its hiring process. Some staffing firms will be much more thorough than others. At Allegiance, for example, anyone hired has gone through our 3-Day Hiring Process. That means each candidate has to return to our office three times for testing, interviews and a thorough screening process. We send only the most committed workers to your company.
  3. Find out if candidates undergo a background check. Surprisingly, only 42% of all staffing agencies conduct background checks. If you select a company that doesn’t do a background check, there’s no guarantee you’re getting a trustworthy, reputable worker and you may be exposing your company to unnecessary liability issues .
  4. Don’t base your entire decision on price alone. A cheaper hourly rate can end up costing you way more in the long run if those temporary workers aren’t showing up for work, aren’t properly trained or misuse company resources.

Businesses often seek out temporary help to fulfill a large order or complete a big project. That project could make or break your business – both in terms of reputation and finances. Don’t blow it because you rushed to hire the first staffing firm you found. Take the time to do your homework, ask key questions and then evaluate the true cost of bringing on trained, vetted and responsible workers.