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5 Favorite Tech Tools for your Business Workplace

July 31, 2014 | Staffing Blog


With all the tech tools available these days, communicating at work should be a breeze. And the best part is many of these tools are free or inexpensive so it’s a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to share files, track projects and discuss ideas and upcoming plans.

Here are few of our favorite workplace tools:

  • Dropbox – This is great for sharing photos, documents and videos – especially files too big for email. Sign up for a free account and get 2 GB of space. You also can upgrade for added space or explore Dropbox for Business if you have multiple users. Dropbox also works on your phone and tablet.
  • Google  – Businesses can sign up for Google Apps for Business, a paid service with custom email addresses, online storage, shared calendars and documents and video meetings (great for offices with multiple locations). 
  • – For tracking projects, check out the free service This program is great for businesses that need to keep track of hours for reports or billing. Plus, it’s free.
  • Evernote – Individual and business accounts are available. Sign up for free and give it a try. Create notebooks for specific projects or clients and then create notes within those notebooks to stay organized. Clip webpages, save audio and screenshots for added organization. Plus you can invite others into your notebook for collaboration. 
  • Facebook – You might think Facebook is just for keeping up with World Cup scores, cute cat videos and funny memes. OK, well, it is for that but it also can be a business tool. You can create private groups on Facebook where co-workers can collaborate and share. You can also use the Facebook Messenger tool for instant messaging and online chatting. A recent Tech Crunch article even notes that Facebook may very well be working on FB@Work. 

We could on and on as there are many terrific programs. What are some of your favorite tech tools for business? Have you found a great resource to improve communication and collaboration?