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7 Part Time Overnight Jobs that Pay the Bills

January 4, 2022 | Career Blog

There are many opportunities to find a good-paying job that doesn’t fit a traditional 9-to-5 work schedule. Employers across the country are looking for hard-working individuals to fill necessary overnight jobs to help keep their business operating.

And, if you already have a full-time job, you can still find a solid part-time job to generate additional income for you and your family. Let’s examine some of the best part-time overnight jobs available for employees in 2022!

Our Recommended Part-time Overnight Jobs for 2022

Products need to be managed, supply chains need to be supported, and other duties need to be performed during off-business hours. Consider these jobs that could fit your schedule, skills, and experience. (Note that the median pay shown below is based on the average U.S. annual income for a full-time employee. Part-time pay will vary from company to company.)

1. Overnight Warehouse Associate

Median Pay: $39,000


  • Receive products off delivery trucks
  • Unload merchandise from the trucks
  • Stock products in the warehouse
  • Ensure that products are stocked correctly according to stocking procedures
  • Potentially utilize a forklift to stock products at higher locations in the warehouse
  • Utilize technology to confirm that products have been received, stocked, and organized

2. Overnight Retail Stocker

Median Pay: $28,000

  • Review inventory levels to determine which products need to be restocked in the store
  • Move merchandise from storage locations to the appropriate department in the store
  • Ensure that merchandise is organized in a neat and orderly fashion
  • Utilize technology to confirm that inventory has been moved from storage to the floor

3. Manufacturing Shop Helper

Median Pay: $35,000


  • Clean and organize manufacturing areas to ensure a clear workspace for the next shift
  • Clean equipment and tools to prepare the next shift for their activity
  • Clear out objects that could cause slips, trips, or falls
  • Gather and remove waste using the appropriate waste dumpsters
  • Make note of any issues observed during cleanup and organization to support safety

4. Security Guard

Median Pay: $30,000


  • Safeguard people, property, and personnel at a specified location
  • Understand all relevant policies and procedures to follow
  • Implement emergency response plans to maintain safety
  • Report violations or incidents that occur under your watch
  • Interact with individuals that are dependent on your presence to create a safe environment

5. Overnight Delivery Driver

Median Pay: $37,000


  • Move products from one location to another location
  • Pick up products to be taken back to the original location
  • Utilize a company vehicle or other assigned vehicle to transport goods
  • Follow all driver safety procedures to perform duties in a safe manner
  • Understand how to read an order to pick up or deliver the appropriate goods
  • Use technology to confirm that appropriate goods have been received or delivered

6. Hotel Front Desk Agent

Median Pay: $31,000


  • Answer phone calls from guests
  • Route each guest’s request to the appropriate hotel department
  • Receive guests arriving at odd hours
  • Maintain a clean, inviting lobby
  • Verify and adjust bills for the next day’s checkout
  • Run daily reports to be submitted to the front office
  • Prepare the morning shift for their work duties and responsibilities

7. Overnight Caregiver

Median Pay: $25,000


  • Provide care to homebound individuals
  • Check the status of each patient
  • Ensure proper administration of prescribed medications
  • Report on the patient’s health
  • Perform light home care upon request
  • Submit patient notes to the health care agency

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