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Allegiance Staffing Won Best of Staffing for the 9th Consecutive Year!

March 15, 2018 | News Blog

Allegiance Staffing is proud of our track record delivering staffing solutions for employers and job results for employees. Our disciplined approach to serving companies and candidates led to our agency winning the 2018 Best of Staffing® award for the ninth consecutive year.

Since 2010, Inavero has presented the Best of Staffing® award to agencies in the U.S. and Canada that provide superior service to companies and employees. Each year since its inception, Allegiance Staffing has received the award.

As a result of our annual consistency, we maintained our status as a Diamond Award winner in 2018. This is the highest recognition available in our industry and has only been given to a small percentage of staffing agencies in the U.S. and Canada.

Allegiance Staffing Continues to Push Forward with Employee Solutions

Within the Best of Staffing® award are the Client Satisfaction and Talent Satisfaction awards.

– Allegiance Staffing continued our streak winning the Client Satisfaction award for the ninth consecutive year based on survey results from both employers and employees.

To win the Client Satisfaction award, a staffing agency must receive a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of at least 50. Allegiance Staffing has exceeded that mark by a wide margin each year, maintaining at least a 69 NPS.

– We also added the Talent Satisfaction award to our resume for the first time this year. To win this distinction, a staffing agency must also receive a NPS of at least 50. This year, we received a 54 NPS.

Statistics that Support Allegiance Winning the Best of Staffing Award

Allegiance Staffing follows a consistent, professional process working with companies that need quality workers. We also create opportunities for employees to find work and advance in their careers.

After gathering information, we customize solutions that strategically fit the needs of both employers and employees. Consider these statistics that capture our commitment to serving both employers and employees.

  • For employers and employees: We boast a 98 percent order fill rate and only a 7 percent turnover rate with our temporary employees.

Employer-specific statistics

  • More than 76% of our clients call us their preferred staffing provider (compared to 36% industry average).
  • Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction: 73% Net Promoter Score (compared to 9% industry average and 68% Best of Staffing® Average).
  • 4.5 Client Rating in the Best of Staffing® award.

Employee-specific statistics

  • 99.2% of employees are asked to return to their initial assignments.
  • Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction: 54% Net Promoter Score (compared to 21% industry average).
  • 4.1 Job Seeker Rating in the Best of Staffing® award.

Consider Leveraging Our Award-Winning Service for Your Job Needs

The Best of Staffing® award, our process, and the statistics show that our clients and employees love working with us.

Inavero specifically recognized our staffing agency for providing “remarkable service quality” and creating “extraordinarily high levels of satisfaction.”

We are pleased to help employers fill their job openings to be more productive and generate more revenue. We are also excited to see individual employees grow in their profession or discover a new career path.

Let us help you on the journey to grow your company or career. Find out how to leverage our award-winning service to generate results today!