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Are the Temporary Workers in Your Warehouse a Waste of Money?

September 9, 2013 | Staffing Blog


When it comes to staffing your warehouse, you need employees who can get the job done. But it’s more than just getting the work accomplished. You need employees who arrive on time, work efficiently and without incident. If those aren’t the kind of employees you’re adding to your work force, then you may as well be throwing away your profits.

Hiring warehouse and light industrial employees has the potential to be a painful process. You need shipping, drivers, forklift operators, pickers, packers, sorters, and assemblers. Each of those positions requires a specific skill set and just weeding through the hundreds applications can be daunting for your HR team.  

This is when partnering with an experienced staffing provider makes all the difference. We understand your hiring needs and can filter out the best employees for your company. Using our three-day hiring process and our employee orientation and safety training system, you can rest assured you’re receiving vetted and trained employees. 

When it comes to logistics, we know time is of the essence. Employees who consistently show up late or not at all can bring productivity – and therefore profits – to a grinding halt. Workers who are improperly trained or don’t have the skill set to move product effectively from point A to point B can be a drain on your business, your budget, your profits and your customer satisfaction. 

With our unique hiring process, we can provide your business with reliable, trained logistics workers when you need them the most. 

Allegiance Staffing owner Tom Landry will be speaking on just this topic at the International Warehouse Logistics Association’s Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference in early November near Chicago.