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Benchmarked Skill Sets Assessments are Among the Most Effective Custom Labor Solutions

March 8, 2016 | Staffing Blog

When your employee turnover rate reaches 15 percent, or inches perilously close, it is time to evaluate the amount of money you spend on general staffing versus the costs you incur on working with professionals in the labor needs industry. Entrusting your staffing needs to an organization that favors benchmarked skill sets assessments in particular is a worthwhile endeavor when you need custom labor solutions to solve attrition issues.

Identifying Skill Gaps

Dismissal of non-performing workers, or attrition because of updated processes that the worker does not feel comfortable with, hints at a skill gap. Sometimes, a skill gap is related to missed training or continuing education. Depending on your industry, many of these training options are voluntary and not certification-driven. As a result, some workers may not know about them. At other times, Training Magazine identifies a difference between a “will or skill” issue when workers who previously demonstrated a skill fail to do so now on a consistent basis.

Taking the Next Steps

Custom labor solutions provide you with the right employee for the open position. Screening during our 3-day hiring process prevents the inclusion of workers who may be interested in a job but not necessarily equipped to perform the tasks. Benchmarked skill sets assessments help you choose from qualified workers who are capable of doing the work at the competency level you desire. Choosing the cream of the crop is easy.

At this stage, it is crucial that decision makers at every level are on board with the emphasis of skill assessments in the hiring process. These actions will be proven right when your turnover rate gradually recedes from the 15-percent mark and reaches levels that are more acceptable.

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