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The Hero Factor Podcast: Business and Life Lessons from Tom Landry

November 20, 2019 | News Blog

Allegiance Staffing CEO Tom Landry recently appeared on The Hero Factor podcast presented by C-Suite Radio. The episode is titled “Wisdom at Any Age with Tom Landry of Allegiance Staffing.”

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In the podcast episode, Mr. Landry talked to host Jeffrey Hayzlett primarily about two important traits of effective business leaders: living your values and never stopping the learning process.

Living Your Values in a Business Leadership Position

Mr. Landry talked about routinely making difficult decisions that go against the grain of popular business decision-making. Specifically, why he gave up multi-million dollar contracts with long-time partners because he believed it was the right thing to do for the company.

“You have to decide who you are going to be,” Mr. Landry said. “When you’re talking about hundreds of employees, thousands of temporary workers, and you’re trying to lead with that same level of standard, you have to be true to your core.

“The ones I’m going to lose I’m going to lose anyways. If someone asks you to do something that’s borderline fringy, they’re going to ask you to do it again. All of a sudden, you’re compromising who you are to try to satisfy something. So, why don’t I just cut my losses now and say see-ya?

“I want to do business with people that have the same set of standards and values. Then, you know you have a long-term customer relationship. You can both grow together. And you become partners that are trustworthy instead of this combative vendor/supplier attitude.”

Never Stop Learning In a Business Leadership Position

Mr. Landry also stressed the importance of challenging the status quo, helping businesses re-think the definition of diversity, and embracing difficult decisions that can affect the core of the business. All of this is tied back to continuing to learn and grow without settling for one way of thinking.

“People who are really open-minded and want to try different things are our ideal employer clients,” says Mr. Landry. “One of my biggest questions when we’re out on the street listening and talking to prospects is, ‘Do you want to fix it or not?’ If you really want to change, sometimes it means drastic change and upheaval. But, if you want to get to a different spot, you have to do a different thing.

“The challenge on the human side is accepting what you can do to make a serious change that yes, on the surface, sounds good, but has a drastic downstream benefit to everyone involved. When you make a decision to make a change in your company or the way you operate, you want to bring in everyone involved with you into that.”

Listen to the Podcast Episode

Episode 5 of The Hero Factor Podcast can be accessed from We also encourage you to subscribe to the podcast RSS feed to access more episodes from the podcast.

The Hero Factor Podcast includes interviews with business leaders that highlight key lessons learned on how to transform organizations and create winning cultures. Host Jeffrey Hayzlett is a business veteran and entrepreneur who has bought and sold over 250 businesses. The podcast explores influential business lessons from global business leaders.

We appreciate that Tom Landry was asked to appear on the podcast to discuss the critical business lessons that he has learned during his career, especially as president and co-founder of our award-winning staffing agency.