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4 Tips for Managing Millennials in a Warehouse

November 25, 2019 | Staffing Blog

56 million members of the workforce were born between 1981 and 1996, according to the Pew Research Center. You know this group as “Millennials.” This generation is different than any that came before them and now likely make up a major part of your team.

You’ve likely heard some of the negative stereotypes — attention-seeking, lazy, lacking commitment, and poorly prepared for the workforce. In fact, millennials are the most stereotyped generation of all, often creating a barrier for them to overcome in the workforce.

Unfortunately, the positive attributes — technology savvy, committed to causes, and natural leadership skills — get a lot less attention. And the negative stereotypes are often far from the truth.

What Do Managers Need to Know About Millennials?

Although no two people are the same, understanding some of the basic attributes that characterize many in this generation can help you manage proactively. Keep reading for more on what to pay attention to when managing a team of millennials!

1. Support Diversity within Your Staffing

Many millennials in the workforce these days prefer that their job to supports diversity. If you aren’t new to the industry, you have probably noticed that younger folks tend to leave their jobs within two years or less. It’s actually common for this generation to stick around more when diversity is embraced by the company. This is because each person desires to feel comfortable in their environment despite their individuality, and not singled out by what makes them different than others.

2. Continue to Provide Feedback

It’s become more important for people to desire proper communication within their jobs. Millennials want to feel included and important. This motivates them and encourages them to put more effort into their work. Don’t just approach your team when you have something to fix or if someone has done something wrong. Provide positive reinforcement and communicate with them regularly about the goings ons of the business.

3. Acknowledge Their Electronic Abilities

Millennials are the first group of people who had internet in their youth. It was not something they had to learn to use, it was simply a part of their everyday lives. This means that using current technology comes a bit easier for them, and that’s something you can use to your advantage. After all, all companies depend heavily on understanding the advancements in technology. Not only do you benefit here, but the millennials in your staff will feel the importance of what they have to offer.

4. Be Flexible with Scheduling and Expectations

Millennials usually have other things outside of work they prioritize and need time for. If you offer them the opportunity to work with their unique availability, they will be more likely to be happy, work harder, and stick around longer. For example, you could schedule your warehouse employees for longer shifts 3 times a week, giving them 4 days off to focus on their outside commitments.

These days, especially in the warehouse industry, many millennials prefer temp jobs. This provides them with the flexibility we talked about earlier. It also benefits you, because you can staff according to your needs with each project. Not every project you have requires a large team, and this will help you to manage your labor costs. Additionally, you will be able to offer higher pay rates which attracts a more capable crew of people.

In Search of a Hard-Working Team?

The first step to effectively managing millennials in a warehouse is to hire them! Allegiance Staffing works with you to identify your hiring needs and provides you with the best candidates for the job. Our vetting process includes three strategic layers to deliver a quality workforce for our partners. For more on how working with a staffing agency can help you, reach out to us here.