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Choose a Staffing Company that Understands OSHA Compliance

May 18, 2015 | Staffing Blog

Meeting OSHA compliance¬†standards, especially within a shifting political landscape and the new requirements of Obamacare, is harder than ever. You only need to look through industry news to see plenty of advice on how to meet the federal agency’s requirements and what happens to companies that aren’t meeting the regulations.

If an accident happens, then it’s too late to find out what part of the regs you’re not complying with. In addition to an OSHA investigation that’s probably going to find more violations, your company is now looking at a big increase in workman’s compensation premiums.

Colleges, tech schools and private companies do offer OSHA-certification and compliance seminars, but these programs are only for the current regulations. If, and when, the rules change, more seminars are needed. That’s just more expense to be deducted from the bottom line. At the same time, ensuring employee compliance with that training requires diligent oversight by on-the-floor managers.

The simple fact is you can spend money on all kinds of training, seminars and workplace posters and still not be in compliance. When OSHA inspectors show up, they don’t care about what you spent trying to meet the requirements. They are looking for places where you are out of compliance.

There’s an easier way to handle the myriad regulations for workplace safety: custom and optimized labor solutions. You can spend plenty and hope you’re meeting the requirements, or you can spend money with Allegiance Staffing and know the requirements are met.

If OSHA compliance and inspections are a routine headache, it’s time to stop the pain and the drain on company resources. Contact Us for Custom Labor Solutions that reduce or eliminate the worry of meeting federal workplace rules.