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5 Tips for Conducting an Effective Interview with Millennials

March 24, 2020 | Staffing Blog

According to U.S. Census data, our nation’s workforce is comprised of almost 35 percent of those born between the years of 1981-1996. This group, identified as Millenials, is now a force that influences how business is conducted across America.

It is vital for business owners and managers to understand what Millennials are looking for in the workplace, what is important to them, and how to best communicate with them. That’s why it’s important to equip yourself and/or your interview team with more information about Millenials to conduct an effective and productive interview.

Five Tips for Interviewing Millennials

1. Understand that Millennials are Tech and Social Media Savvy. Most Millennial candidates have done their research before coming to the interview. They know what your company is about through your online presence.

Use this understanding to quickly gain a common ground and find out what the candidate already knows and questions that they may have stemming from this research. Offer introductory material, but be ready to quickly move on once prior knowledge has been established.

2. Respect that Millennials Seek Cooperation and Communication Over Competition. Millennial workers are most attracted to environments that value a high level of effective communication between team members and between management and their employees. They prefer a team-oriented work structure over an environment in which individuals are pitted against one another.

Highlight the ways in which team members are heard and are given opportunities for collaboration to identify and solve problems.

3. Recognize that Millennials Desire Flexible Work Schedules and Locations. A Staples Workplace Survey reports that a remarkable 90 percent of Millennial candidates cite a flexible work schedule as important in seeking a place of employment. Millennials strongly value a work-life balance, and find a traditional nine-to-five work schedule restrictive. Millennials believe that if they work efficiently and effectively, they should be compensated with time off and flexibility.

In the same vein, many Millennials have worked off-site or from home in the past. This is not a novel idea for young workers. A combination of work-from-home and office schedules with room for flexible hours has proven to be ideal for Millennials. Consider how your office might take advantage of this fluid mindset and might build on this mobile approach.

4. Identify the Unique Challenges of Millennial Workers. Millennials often seek higher pay out of necessity rather than greed. The assumption is that Millennial workers are less loyal and engaged than past generations. However, a deeper look is beneficial in understanding the vantage point of many in this age bracket.

Rising costs of housing and transportation have caused many Millennials to live with their parents much longer than generations before them. Another major factor is the crushing reality of student loan debt that young workers face. More Millennials find home ownership beyond their grasp. Because of this financial environment, without significant pay increases or other financial perks, Millennials will seek other employment within five years.

Consider the challenges that Millennials face and what your company might be able to offer, including continuing education opportunities and student loan assistance programs. Show that you understand challenges that Millennials are facing.

5. Value that Millennials Seek a Company that Gives Back. Because Millennials are tech savvy and are part of an increasingly global community, they care about a company’s impact beyond a profit margin. Millennials seek employment from a company that is environmentally aware and operates with a “green” approach. A recent HRDrive and Swytch report indicated that a notable 70 percent of Millennials took a company’s environmental policies into account when seeking a place of employment.

A company that is actively seeking to have a positive impact on the environment is more attractive to younger workers, even if this company pays less than one that only seeks the bottom line. Millennials care about causes, from equality for workers to seeking cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s. Millennials want to know that their work matters beyond the office.

Allegiance Staffing Can Support Your Recruitment of Millennial Workers

Millennials bring unique strengths and needs to the workplace. They are cooperative and fluid in approach and environmentally and socially conscious. They face economic stresses that other generations have not experienced. By understanding Millennial candidates, you can establish rapport and effective communication that is mutually beneficial.

Allegiance Staffing provides a wealth of resources to help your company effectively reach the Millennial workforce. Our candidates have already shown their reliability and character through our Three-Phase Hiring Process. We understand the needs and goals of Millennials and have found this method highly effective. Our results speak for themselves as almost all of our candidates are asked to return to their initial assignments.

Contact Allegiance Staffing for assistance filling your critical positions with qualified candidates. Whether it’s Millennials or someone more experienced, we’ll help you sort through quality candidates in our talent pool to find the right person to fill the role!