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7 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

February 18, 2019 | Staffing Blog

A company that recognizes the importance of celebrating their employees knows the positive impact it has on the business’s success. A study at the University of Warwick showed that happy employees are 12% more productive than those who are unhappy in their jobs. That is not the only reason to celebrate them, though. The way that you treat your employees reflects the way that a company functions as a whole, and this extends to everyone and everything, even your customer base. Because of this, employee appreciation should be observed every day. Still, there is one day coming up that is specifically set aside on the calendar for employees around America, and we want to help you make sure that it is extra special.

Let Them Know They Matter

Showing your appreciation is not hard, and it makes everyone involved feel good. Some ways that you can continue to encourage your team and let them know you truly appreciate them are:

  1. Giving recognition for all, even small, victories. Many managers tend to focus on the bigger issues and this causes them to look over the daily growth occurring in their employees. Acknowledging a team members little achievements will help their confidence and encourage them to keeping working toward the bigger goal. Make a list of the different ways you have seen each individual grow and it will show them that their efforts are not going unnoticed.
  2. Rewarding them with something thoughtful. You may already be showing your appreciation on a daily basis. For example, many businesses tend to provide free lunch, coffee or bring breakfast to their weekly meetings. On employee appreciation day, try to get a little more creative with what you are giving. This could mean throwing a party or taking everyone out to a unique event in town.
  3. Arranging a potluck. Throwing parties or buying lunch on a regular basis can become very expensive. This does not mean that you cannot celebrate with one another. With a potluck, each person can contribute by bring a snack or beverage, and the food usually ends up being more enjoyable this way, anyway!
  4. Giving gifts that show that you care about their health. If you reward your employees with chairs and desks that help them with their posture, this shows that you care about their experience and overall health within your company. You can even create incentive by providing accomplished employees with memberships to a local gym. These efforts make it evident that you want your employees to take care of themselves and feel good when they come into work.
  5. Giving them the opportunity to express themselves. It’s one thing to give positive feedback and recognize an employee for their achievements, but how often do you give them the opportunity to say what’s on their mind? Hearing what your team has to say can inform you on the better ways to manage things, and it helps them to feel heard and understood.
  6. Asking them how they wish to celebrate. Don’t worry, asking your employees to pick how they want to celebrate is not being lazy, it’s showing them they have a say. Let everyone pitch in an idea. Your say can be the final one, since you know your budget and capabilities, but at least they will know you truly wish to please them.
  7. Sending cards. Maybe at one point receiving a card in the mail seemed a little lackluster, but now that everyone is using email, something in the mailbox (that isn’t a bill) has once again become somewhat of a treat. Send each one of your employees a personalized note, you may be surprised how many of them end up putting it up on their fridge.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt you spend a good amount of your day thinking about how to please your customers, and your employees deserve the same. Incorporate your appreciation in the way that you communicate with your team, and every now and then do something a little extra to show what their efforts mean to you. Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on March 1st! Don’t miss your opportunity to boost morale and take your company’s success and motivation to the next level.