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Custom Labor Solutions For Companies With High Turnover

August 17, 2015 | Staffing Blog

Are you losing employees left and right? Typically there are many reasons why a company might experience high turnover rates. While everyone is so quick to blame the boss and those at the corporate level, there are usually other things going on. Sure, a company can lack good management, and that is a problem. But a good manager, who can connect with their employees, is likely to have higher retention rates that those who do not. Employees need appreciation, and it is all part of boosting morale.

One reason that commonly causes people to quit is they feel stressed. When the workloads are high, it can trigger burnout. Most would prefer to continue in their current job, if it were not for the strenuous responsibility. High workloads are difficult when the demands roll down from the top. Managers push the employees to do more. However, in a manufacturing environment, requirements are challenging at times. When you turn up the heat, people start walking.

Some employees leave because they feel there is no room for advancement. They want to move up the corporate ladder, and they do not see how they can accelerate from their current situation. Employees want to perceive that they are going places, and they will not always be making the same wage. It is important to make sure that they know what opportunities, if any, are available within the company. They need a goal to enhance their skills.

Lastly, employees leave because they were not the right candidate for the job. So many times, HR departments and hiring personnel, push people through the doors merely to fill the position. When there are large demands from manufacturers and the workforce is short on help, companies become desperate and will give anyone a try. That is why it is so important to have custom labor solutions in place. Using a hiring agency takes care of all the pre-screening. From drug testing to checking references, many companies have found that using a staffing agency can help them with their turnover rates.

With 25 years of experience, Allegiance Staffing knows how to provide quality employees for their manufacturing customers. It is not about quantity with us, but quality workers. Contact us and see how we can stop your high turnover rates today!