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Danny Minor on The Staffing Show Podcast: Leading the Way in Staffing

December 4, 2023 | News Blog

Allegiance Staffing is committed to being a leading provider of staffing services for employers who need high-quality talent and employees who are looking to build a future in their chosen field.

Danny Minor, the president of Allegiance Staffing, recently appeared on The Staffing Show, a Podcast by Staffing Hub, to chat with host David Folwell about how Allegiance effectively serves both groups.

On the podcast, Danny covered our company’s proven staffing model that relies on nationwide partnerships, our use of the latest technology to streamline processes, and how we stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing business and talent environment.

“The staffing industry is a very unique industry. It’s a very rewarding industry. We change people’s lives every day, we give people a career opportunity, we provide an income for them and their families, and we get to help our clients meet their business goals,” Danny said on the podcast. “Those are things that drive us in this industry and why we are into this industry.”

We invite you to listen to Danny’s full episode on this highly-regarded podcast. The Staffing Show delivers insights from the staffing industry’s top executives and thought leaders, and we’ll unpack some highlights that Danny shared during the episode.

How Allegiance Serves Employers Across the Country

Allegiance has built a coast-to-coast network of staffing partners that enable us to create value for companies that need access to high-quality talent. Everyone from small businesses to larger corporations with offices across the country can benefit from accessing our talent resources.

Danny talked in-depth about the strength of our uniform partnerships and staffing model that enable us to deliver a consistent experience to employers. The goal is that when you do business with Allegiance in one part of the country, you will have the same experience with a different Allegiance partner in another region.

“Our screening processes and our deliverables are consistent. You get access to our network, meaning our like-minded partners, our owners,” said Danny. “The model has worked out, it’s been in existence for 20-plus years, and it’s really taken off for us by allowing us to expand and bring in other individual entrepreneurs that want to join us that already established firms across the U.S.”

One of the keys to the success of our staffing model is the use of technology. We use one platform across our branch locations to share information, support each client’s unique needs, and streamline day-to-day business activity. This way, we can spend more time identifying labor solutions for our clients.

“Even though we have got these different entities within our organization, we’re still one common software platform,” said Danny. “If we can take some of the mundane and tedious work out of the day-to-day operation so they can spend more time helping our clients and our associates, that’s more powerful to us than anything else.”

Additionally, the consistent use of technology is helping our agency grow in new ways. While the majority of our agency focuses on serving the needs of light industrial companies, technology is opening us to new opportunities to effectively serve other types of businesses that need access to robust staffing solutions.

“We’re all gradually trying to shift that mix a little bit more. And so, having the right software to allow us to explore more verticals so we can explore outside the blue-collar world,” said Danny. “It’s allowed us to continue that journey and, gradually, we’re starting to make that move and starting to even out that percentage. In the next two years, it will allow us to grow without adding too much overhead.”

How Allegiance Supports Talent Seeking Employment

We cannot serve the needs of our employer clients without having a robust talent pipeline. We have focused heavily on ensuring that people are cared for and respected on their employment journey – no matter where they encounter a local Allegiance branch location.

“We impact people’s lives, and that’s part of who we are as Allegiance Staffing. How do we continue to make those steps to impact people’s lives?” Danny said.

One of the ways we are taking positive steps forward to support talent is by using common software platforms to tap into a wide network of available jobs for talent. For example, if someone is looking to move to another part of the country, they can rely on the local branch location at their next stop to provide the same level of service they originally experienced.

We are also working on expediting the interview process so that vetted talent can quickly find the right job opportunity and begin earning a paycheck.

“We are utilizing technology to find the staff faster and quicker so we can actually place those individuals in front of our clients for an interview or place them on a job,” said Danny. “We are bringing tools to help our employees be successful and invest in them.”

The end result is better working relationships between employers and talent that ensure a proper fit for everyone involved. “Technology is allowing us to take care of our employees internally and take care of our clients,” said Danny. “The big key at the end of the day is we’re in the people business.”

Learn More About Our Proven Staffing Approach

We appreciate the invitation from The Staffing Show and host David Folwell to discuss the success of our staffing model. We are confident that our approach to staffing will continue to benefit employers and talent for years to come.

Listen to the full podcast episode with Danny Minor.

– For employers: Contact us to discuss a staffing solution that fits your business needs.
– For talent: reach out to your nearest Allegiance Staffing branch location for support finding work in your field.