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Reduce Costs with Warehouse Staffing Solutions

November 20, 2023 | Staffing Blog

You need a logistics workforce you can count on when you run a busy warehouse. But how do you get dependable, skilled workers without spending all of your time and operating budget on inefficient hiring processes?

Allegiance Staffing specializes in crafting labor strategies for the warehouse industry. The benefit for you is finding the right employees in a fraction of the time and cost. Learn how to reduce expenses by strengthening your hiring plan and working with us to identify warehouse staffing solutions that fit your needs.

What to Look for When Staffing Your Warehouse

Warehouse staffing is crucial for effectively operating distribution centers and storage facilities. It involves the recruitment, management, and organization of personnel responsible for various tasks within the warehouses. The key to finding the best people is developing a plan that includes the following principles.

1. Diverse Roles

Warehouses require a diverse workforce with specific responsibilities, so getting the right person for the job is crucial for ongoing success.

2. Skills & Training

Staff members need adequate warehouse safety training to operate equipment safely and abide by protocols and inventory systems.

3. Labor Efficiency

Managers must optimize staffing levels to meet demand without overburdening the workforce.

4. Safety Measures

Ensuring worker safety is paramount. Supporting this principle requires ongoing training, safety plans, and compliance with regulations.

5. Communication

Effective communication is vital for coordinating tasks and addressing issues properly in all areas of the warehouse.

6. Adaptability

Warehouses must adapt to seasonal fluctuations and changing demand. Fortunately, Allegiance offers flexible industrial staffing solutions that can get workers into your facility immediately.

Which Positions Need Filling?

We know there are a lot of different roles within the warehouse. To create a productive atmosphere and get things done on deadline, you need a well-organized team that communicates and complements each other.

We can support your staffing effort by filling these types of critical roles to make your warehouse run more efficiently.

Inventory & Quality Control

Whether tracking items and making sure things are in the right place or testing and assessing products for defects, workers need experience in inventory management and quality assurance. We can source the right workers that are dependable and precise.


Driving a forklift or other large machinery inside a warehouse takes skill. Not only that, it takes specific certifications to operate a forklift. Being able to unload and move goods around stacks of items, people, and other machines is vital to a functioning business. We can help identify qualified and certified talent to fit key roles in your warehouse.

Workers & Clerks

Workers are the heart of the operation, and clerks ensure everything is where it should be so orders go out on time. The process of processing and loading orders needs to be smooth and efficient, so having people you can rely on is paramount. Allegiance is prepared to source the right talent for these critical support roles.

Shipping & Receiving

Bringing goods in and shipping goods out is a constant at any warehouse facility. Making sure all the records are up-to-date and correct will make your operation run without a hitch. Let’s work together to find talent to place into these front-line roles.

Order Pullers & E-commerce Fulfillment

Once an order is made in person or online, pullers and fulfillment workers scramble into action to meet shipping deadlines with precision and haste. We understand that time is crucial, so we can help identify talent with a keen understanding of how to meet deadlines.

Ready to Help Identify Warehouse Staffing Solutions

Allegiance Staffing has years of experience with placing workers in a variety of positions. You can rest assured that our team will staff your facility with dependable, skilled, and safety-minded employees who have completed our rigorous 3-Phase Hiring Process. 

  • How does it work? We find candidates who want to work hard and do a great job, and we keep them happy with fair wages and respect.
  • What do you get? You’ll see increased productivity utilizing a team of workers who are thoroughly vetted by our staff and placed based on their skills and experience.
  • How do we support you? We continuously check in with you and the employees to make sure everything is fitting perfectly.

We invite you to learn more about our warehouse staffing solutions. We would also appreciate the opportunity to discuss a custom solution for your warehouse. Contact Allegiance today to hear more about how we can help optimize your workforce and reduce your hiring costs.