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Do’s and Don’ts for Great Interviews | Allegiance

January 8, 2018 | Staffing Blog

Interviews are stressful for the candidate and exhausting for interviewers. A smooth and positive experience will help you get the most out of the interview.


  • Send the itinerary ahead of time. State who the candidate will meet with and their titles and the type of interview to expect
  • Tell them where to park, what entrance to use, and what to tell reception
  • Provide a bottle of water and let them know where the restrooms are
  • Allow a 10 minute break if the interview is more than one hour
  • Ask questions that allow the candidate to share their proudest moments – such as “What project are you most proud of and why?”
  • Tell the candidate when they can expect to hear from you
  • Involve a team member who knows the role best – they will have great feedback to offer and can relax the interview
  • Provide employee benefits packet and the outline of the job description


  • Ask self-damaging questions like “Tell me your biggest weakness”, instead ask “Tell me how you resolved a problem or failure….” You can learn more about the candidate’s approach to problem solving, conflict resolution, and perseverance
  • Go silent. Do give a status update after a week or so even if you are not interested or are still interviewing
  • Ask 30 behavioral questions that sound the same – aim for less than 10 behavioral questions and use follow-up questions to get more about the story
  • Interview over a meal – this adds stressful decisions about ordering and food preferences and is a distraction. If you must interview over a meal because of scheduling or the length of interview, make sure that the restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options and call ahead for seating in a quiet area. Let the candidate know ahead of time in your itinerary where you’ll be dining and that you’ll be paying for the meal.

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