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Job Hunting? Be sure to fill in employment gaps.

October 12, 2015 | Career Blog

As we evaluate your resume, we sense employment gaps between one job and the next.  Our staffing firm ensures there’s an explanation for any gaps in work history.  Learn some techniques to fill in the employment gaps on your resume and LinkedIn accounts.

Begin by determining what doesn’t count as an employment gap.  The following are legit reasons a gap exists, and no explanation is necessary.  Those gaps fit under another resume category, not worth explaining, or discriminatory.

  1. Going to college or school
  2. Pregnant or staying at home with children
  3. Health Issues
  4. Serious Illness or Death in the Family
  5. Being between jobs for less than 6 months

College, school, or training goes under education.  Use the second excuse as work experience as raising children is a job in itself.   Mention something like ‘2000-2006 taking care of children’ on the resume.  The next two issues are too discriminatory to mention to employers.  Casually say ‘family issues’ or ‘personal issues’ and don’t dwell on the matter.  The last one doesn’t need an explanation because the gap isn’t wide enough for a thorough explanation.

Any other excuse is an employment gap.  Use one of these reasons to close it.

Go Back to School

Getting an education doesn’t count as work experience, but it does offer an excuse for the gap in the resume.  It also keeps information fresh as you conduct your job hunt.

Volunteer, Internship, and Employment Agency

We know that volunteering, working as an intern, and temporary work gives resumes a spark.  Volunteering and some internships are no pay jobs yet you get hands-on work experience.  Become willing to do this while continuing to involve yourself in one or all the options to stop the gap.


Traveling is life experience.  The right travel adventure (studying abroad, volunteering abroad, military, etc.) can become resume-worthy listed under skills, objective, volunteer experience, and/or work history.


Starting your own business is not easy.   With a good idea and hard work, success or failure is imminent when the business gets off the ground.  Nevertheless, it is a valuable learning experience.  Critical thinking and strategic business savvy are great skills to add to your resume.


Even when job hunting, working under contract as a consultant or assistant is a great way to close the resume gap.  Work for companies or individuals who need help temporarily.  With the required expertise, there is experience, networking, and (sometimes) money waiting at the end.


Getting started as a freelancer earns experience and money while job hunting.  You can freelance online using almost any skill.

The employment gap is not the problem; it’s how you work around it. Contact us for more information.