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Find Quality Jobs with Our Direct Placement Staffing Agency

April 5, 2023 | Career Blog

Finding high-quality corporate positions in your chosen field shouldn’t be arduous, but it often is. It can be surprisingly difficult to find a job that suits your skills and experience, will help you move forward with your career, and pertains to your line of work. This situation calls for a direct placement staffing agency.

Direct placement agencies work with employees and companies to match professionals with excellent positions. Whether you’re looking for HR, marketing, or executive positions or are simply interested in what corporate jobs are available, a staffing agency can make your search easier and more enjoyable, especially if you’ve experienced roadblocks during this period.

Why is Finding a High-Quality Job Challenging?

Several obstacles make finding a permanent professional position a challenge. Understanding each can help you refine your job search. It can also demonstrate why a permanent placement staffing agency is so valuable.

Recruiters Misunderstand Career Experience

Recruiters work for their companies to bring in employees for higher-up positions. These recruiters are searching for talent that meets specific criteria, but because of the nature of the job, they aren’t always able to study a professional’s work history.

If you’ve ever worked with a recruiter, you probably know that they can sometimes misunderstand your career experience or don’t quite understand the nuanced and complex nature of the work in your field.

They may believe you are under or overqualified for a position based solely on the titles of your previous jobs, without considering the actual duties you performed in those roles.

This situation can lead to you being overlooked for jobs that would suit you and your skills well – simply because someone didn’t take the time to read through your resume or uncover your actual roles and responsibilities in previous companies.

Job Mismatches

A job posting can only tell you so much, and a recruiter can only glean so much information from your resume or cover letter. Because of this, it’s no wonder that a job opportunity that sounds perfect is, on closer inspection, not what you wanted.

While a job mismatch isn’t the worst thing that can happen, it can waste your time and get your hopes up about finding a new position. These situations delay the job search and draw your focus away from other opportunities that might be a better fit.

Limited Networking Opportunities

Sometimes, who you know can be just as or even more important than what you know. While your skills and experience should outweigh your connections, the truth is that being able to connect with companies, HR departments, and recruiters on a more personal level can help you stand out.

Finding a permanent placement opportunity is often much faster if someone within a prospective company already knows you or has heard about your work from a reputable source. With connections, it’s also less likely that someone will misunderstand your qualifications or experience, and there will be fewer job mismatches.

However, forming networking connections can take years. Direct placement staffing can help fill this gap by serving as the source of the relationship.

Ineffective Job Search Practices

You know the skills, experience, and qualities you bring to the table. So, you may have tried finding a new position on your own. However, job searching requires unique skills to find the exact right match.

Although you might be highly skilled in your area, looking for and applying to jobs might not be among your strong points. Even if you have good job-seeking and application skills, everyone can benefit from assistance finding the right fit.

Working with a team of experts to review your resume, CV, portfolio, or work history to match you with relevant career opportunities is incredibly beneficial.

How Can a Direct Placement Staffing Agency Help?

Finding a high-quality, professional position doesn’t have to be daunting, and you can avoid each job search hurdle by working with a direct placement agency like Allegiance Staffing.

We Get You

Allegiance takes the time to understand your work history, skills, needs, and wants. You won’t need to worry about wasting time applying for jobs that aren’t right for you, and you can rest assured that Allegiance will focus on not only the titles of your previous roles but the details of your work experience and skills.

We Are Connected

Allegiance works closely with each employer in our network. We have an excellent feel for what each company is looking for and how their available jobs align with your career goals.

Allegiance can also take the guesswork out of job hunting and applications. We have extensive industry connections, so you won’t need to worry about networking. Allegiance will present your skills and experience in the best possible way while ensuring that the company is the right choice for you.

Local Access

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with a local Allegiance office near you or in the area where you would like to move to as part of your career path.

Our team will take the time to get to know you and help you identify a permanent position to be placed in.

Get Started Today with Allegiance Staffing

Finding high-quality work that suits your needs, meets your goals, and sparks excitement can be challenging, but direct placement staffing can help.

At Allegiance Staffing, we carefully match each employee with a company that fits them. We aim to streamline the placement process, making it simpler, more effective, and much less stressful than working with a recruiter or going at it alone.

If you’re ready to find a new position in your industry and advance your career, contact Allegiance to find out more about finding a new corporate opportunity today.