Back to Blogs Four Changes Coming to the Logistics Industry After OSHA Final Rule on Injury Data Collection

Four Changes Coming to the Logistics Industry After OSHA Final Rule on Injury Data Collection

July 26, 2016 | Staffing Blog

The OSHA final rule on injury data collection will bring injury data collection into the twenty-first century. Changes will take effect on August 10, 2016. The ruling brings some changes to the logistics industry that will benefit both companies and employees alike.

  1. Injury and illness data will now be available on the OSHA website. OSHA currently receives very little information on injuries and illnesses. While employers in high-hazard industries are already required to keep their own records, they will now be required to send in reports to be made public on OSHA’s website if they employ 250 or more people. This will be a game changer for prospective employees in search of a safe work environment.
  2. Workplaces will be competing more than ever to ensure safer workplaces. Quality employees will be zeroing in on the newly available information. They will not be inclined to work for employers with less than stellar safety records. Workplaces will be upping their games with more safety training, increased drug testing, more background checks and better communication from upper management. This should lead to much lower injury rates for employees, which should also result in decreased liability for employers.
  3. Employees will be encouraged to report accidents and work related illnesses more than ever before and without fear of retaliation. Employers are required to have reporting policies that do not discourage direct reporting of injuries and illnesses by employees. This should result in more accurate reporting, giving prospective employees a better idea of how safe a workplace truly is.
  4. OSHA’s final rule on data collection will allow them to be better able to accurately assess which workplaces put employees at higher risk, thanks to more accurate data. They will then be able to better enforce regulations, bringing those companies into compliance.

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