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A REAL Hotel Front Desk Job Description (You Won’t Find on Indeed)

January 19, 2021 | Career Blog

When you’re scanning the internet for possible jobs, you’ll find most companies include a lot of the same basic information in their job descriptions. Sure, it’s great to know what the general expectations will be of you, but that’s not all the job will entail. You want to know why you should or should not apply for the job, and if it’s actually going to be a successful fit for you. We get it! You have ended up here because you’re interested in what it’s like to work a front desk at a hotel, and we can tell you all about that. Keep reading for a REAL hotel front desk job description you won’t find on Indeed.

The Basic Facts & Responsibilities

When you work at the front desk of a hotel your job title may vary between the following:

  • Receptionist
  • Clerk
  • Agent
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Host
  • Guest Attendant
  • Auditor
  • Supervisor

There are more, and it really depends on the hotel and/or the guests to decide what they are going to call you. Still, no matter what the job title, the responsibilities generally are the same:

  • Greeting guests and making them feel welcome.
  • Answering and directing phone calls.
  • Providing guests with hotel rates and service information.
  • Ensuring the guest is assigned to an adequate room for their stay and that they are given the correct key.
  • Making and confirming reservations for guests.
  • Registering and checking guests in.
  • Verifying and processing each guest’s method of payment.
  • Maintaining records of guest room bookings.
  • Computing billing and accurately posting charges for rooms and house accounts.
  • Taking messages and relaying them to guests or other hotel employees.
  • Providing guests with information about local restaurants and attractions.
  • Completing any necessary incident reports.
  • Managing conference or banquet room bookings.
  • Closing accounts and checking guests out.
  • Enforcing the rules and policies of the hotel.
  • Maintaining a clean and orderly front desk.

To sum it all up, having this job is about making sure the guests have everything they need, that their payment is received, and that everything is kept in the system and well organized. If you are often told you are a friendly person and detail-oriented, this would be a great position for you.

Some Extra Perks About the Job

Working at a hotel front desk isn’t like being just any other receptionist. There are some perks that come along with the special location of the position. Here are a few:

  • A lot of your customers are vacationing, so they’re usually in a pretty good mood. This can make things a little more enjoyable than your typical customer service gig.
  • You will oftentimes receive occasional or consistent discounts on rooms, and some hotels even offer a discount to the family of their employees.
  • The hotel usually has a restaurant or kitchen where you can order food from, and you may even receive a discount or free meal when on the job.
  • Companies often like to promote from within, and there is a lot of room to grow in the hotel industry. Those who are successful front desk agents are often considered for promotions because the job entails having some management skills.
  • Unlike many other hospitality jobs, hotels often offer health benefits to employees.

Pay & Experience Required

The average pay for a hotel clerk position starts at around 12 dollars an hour. That’s a great place to begin in comparison with many other customer service positions and considering all the perks that come along with it.

When it comes to experience, that’s up to the hiring manager or owners of the hotel. Some hotels will hire you without any prior experience, but solely because they like your personality. Commonly hotels look for someone who has at least one of the following:

  • Customer service experience.
  • Receptionist experience.
  • A genuine and friendly personality with a knack for organization.
  • A calm, composed, and professional demeanor.
  • The ability to anticipate the guest’s needs.
  • Excitement about the prospect of the job and possibly growing with the company.
  • Knowledge about the local area.

How We Can Help

Does this all sound compelling to you? Well, you’re in luck! Hotels pay us to help them find people like you to work for them. We are always looking for people who would be a great fit for a hotel desk position, and for no cost from you, we will pair you with the company that matches your personality, skills, and goals best. Check out our job postings here or reach out to us today to learn more about the services we provide potential employees, free of charge!