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How to Fill Job Vacancies Quickly

July 18, 2022 | Staffing Blog

Your company has critical roles that need to be filled. We have qualified candidates on our talent roster that are ready to fill those roles.

We understand that job vacancies come in various shapes and sizes. You could be experiencing high levels of turnover. Or, you could be on the other end of the spectrum, looking to add talent for newly-created roles during a period of growth and expansion. Regardless, we can help you fill openings.

Let’s dive into how we can provide your company with targeted support that fits your timeline.

5 Steps to Fill Job Vacancies Through Allegiance Staffing

1. Perform an assessment. We will assess your current operating reality before we identify the right talent to support your need.

  • What job openings do you need to fill?
  • What is the reason why you need to fill vacancies?
  • Is your business changing?
  • Are there recurring challenges that need to be addressed in your workforce?
  • What is the current satisfaction rate for your employees?

2. Utilize metrics. We want to review metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to understand your current workforce situation better. These measurements will help us understand your workforce’s big picture so we can complete our talent assessment.

  • What is your turnover rate?
  • What is your rate of production?
  • How frequently are employees working overtime?
  • What is your employee satisfaction rate?
  • What is your absenteeism rate?
  • How many OSHA incidents have you experienced this year?

3. Understand your timeline. We also want to ensure that we understand any time-sensitive issues driving this need to fill job openings.

  • Did you recently lose a large group of workers, and now you need to fill these roles to restore headcount?
  • Did a smaller group of high-performing workers recently leave, which created a significant decline in productivity?
  • Is your company rapidly expanding, and now you need to increase headcount to keep up with production demands?
  • Do you have a mandate from management that you need to address as quickly as possible?

4. Provide you with talent options. Once we have a firm grasp of your current operating reality, we will present you with a list of qualified candidates that we believe are the right fit for the vacant roles in your company.

We follow a collaborative process to ensure that we help you fill seats with the right people. We don’t just hand you a list of talent and send them to your company; we focus on ensuring a proper fit based on skills, experience, and your actual need.

Plus, because we are experts in staffing, we can execute the process very quickly to refine the list of candidates and prepare the final list of talent to start working at your company.

5. Fill your job vacancies. Ultimately, we will fill your job vacancies with the right people for the job. Our talent is properly vetted and provided with safety training appropriate to the work they will perform in your company.

You can expect to receive high-quality work, on-time attendance, consistent performance, and a safety-minded approach from each worker that we provide you with.

Contact Allegiance Staffing to Fill Job Vacancies

We understand that time is of the essence when trying to take care of those job vacancies. Our team at Allegiance Staffing is ready to get to work addressing your need.

Just take a look at these customer success stories that capture our team’s efforts to help our clients elevate the quality of their workforce.
For more than 20 years, Allegiance Staffing has successfully placed 15,000+ qualified workers in key roles for companies just like yours. Let’s get started on a workforce solution to fill your job vacancies.Contact us today for a free consultation!