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Improve Site Staffing in Your Industry

July 19, 2023 | Staffing Blog

Understanding the importance of site staffing is one of the most important aspects of successfully managing your company’s skilled labor force.

Site staffing, which applies to various industries, involves finding the right contractors, skilled laborers, and other talent to help fill out your workforce at a job site. Take a look at our guide for how to elevate the capabilities of your workforce by placing the right talent in the right roles.

When Do You Need to Focus on Site Staffing?

One of the most common reasons to optimize how you staff the job site is when your company receives a sudden influx of large orders, purchase agreements, or contracts from customers.

It’s exciting to receive a large order or win a big job, but you need to ensure you have the talent to fulfill the customer’s order. Every minute counts, so it’s important to have a plan to find the best people to provide those skilled trades.

Fortunately, Allegiance Staffing has supported some of the leading companies in heavy industries for years to meet their staffing needs. We have unique insights to share with your company to ensure your staffing mix fits the needs of each job.

Why You Need Site Staffing

Focusing on staffing is valuable for companies in warehouse settings, distribution centers, field services, and manufacturing businesses. While you may have enough people on hand to meet the needs of your clients’ everyday requests, how will you respond when a large, unexpected order comes in?

It’s important that you can quickly spring into action identifying talent that can fill key roles. Otherwise, you might experience delays that could create financial ramifications. You also don’t want to over-burden your full-time staffing trying to get a large order out the door. That’s why it’s a good idea to have additional contract talent in reserve ready to fill gaps.

To be prepared for the moment, there are some critical steps you can take to proactively address your staffing needs at the job site.

1. Improve Communication

One of the most proven methods of filling immediate staffing needs is to build up a reliable network of contractors who can help you complete critical orders. An additional next step is to maintain strong communication with these individuals.

While you may already have some skilled laborers that you know you can count on when large-scale projects present themselves, it’s important to always work on communication with those individuals. What if someone is on vacation, has a sick family member, or is otherwise occupied with another project? Don’t take their availability for granted!

Contractors, especially those who offer their services on a freelance basis, like to work with companies that keep them informed about upcoming work opportunities and regularly check in to verify their status for projects.

In addition to directly communicating with trusted contractors, it’s a good idea to create a professional relationship with a staffing agency that can communicate with available talent to fill roster gaps.

At Allegiance Staffing, we have strong relationships with contractors in our talent pool. Our team is ready to work with you to support communication with qualified talent about potential opportunities with your company.

2. Provide Targeted Training

As we’ve already established, site staffing is a popular tool for employers who need qualified employees in positions of need quickly. However, you need to make sure talent understands how to perform their assigned duties safely. That’s why you should constantly review the quality of training provided to talent coming on-site.

When you’re striving to fulfill large-scale customer demands, every shift matters. Consider optimizing your OSHA safety training programs and providing on-site managers with the safety resources they need to communicate effectively with talent.

Creating a robust training system allows you to confidently put qualified talent into positions of need as quickly as possible.

3. Work Closely With a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies such as Allegiance Staffing work closely with businesses in your industry to ensure you have access to a workforce solution that fits your needs. 

Our team is committed to keeping your roster filled with well-trained, safety-minded, highly-skilled individuals. We use a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the best individuals are placed at your job site.

Get Started Today on a Site Staffing Solution

Looking for a reliable staffing partner to help you fill immediate talent needs? Get in touch with our expert team.

Our staffing team members are eager to bolster your roster by delivering the right talent to augment your existing workforce. We’ve spent years developing talent solutions that support the specific needs of companies in heavy industries. Just take a look at these case studies!

Contact us today to find out why businesses in your space trust Allegiance Staffing to deliver the right site staffing solution for the job.