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How to Improve Your Resume in 2020

June 9, 2020 | Career Blog

Well, the current state of the job market has definitely changed things for a lot of people. Because the entire world is in quarantine, only a select amount of jobs are considered ‘essential’ or can be done from your home.

We don’t know how long this will be feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, so planning for the future is challenging. One great way to use your time wisely is to make sure you have an improved and updated resume that is ready to use.

It’s Important to Improve Your Resume!

The way your resume looks tells a company a lot about you, so it’s really important to make sure it puts you in your best light. Here are some great ways to improve your resume in 2020.

1. Keep Your Goals in Mind

So many people think that a resume is simply for displaying their work experience. Focus more on the intentions behind sending your resume. That you want to land this job and that you have something you’re working toward. Not doing so keeps your resume focused on the past, rather than focusing on the future. Only include the information that will help you land the job that you are applying to.

2. Flaunt Your Stuff

Have a spot where you can show off your accomplishments. This should be under a separate category, like “Awards & Accomplishments” or “Special Achievements”. In order to make a good list, it can help to ask yourself questions like:

  • Where have you felt the most appreciated?
  • What do you consider your number one achievement?
  • What have you been publicly recognized for?

3. Simplify So It’s Skimmable

Make sure that all of the important information is the stuff that stands out. We live in an age where people want everything to be skimmable. This means that they don’t want to read every word to get the information they are looking for. Plus, hiring managers look through a lot of resumes. So you don’t want to make reading yours difficult for them. Make sure your contact info is easy to find. Write short paragraphs that are no longer than three to four lines. If you have more information to include, use a bulleted list to do so. Use headings that are bolded, underlined, or a larger text size to clearly introduce the information below.

4. Include a Little Flair in the Design

Don’t go crazy with this, you still want to make it look clean and professional. However, the color, shading, images, and layout are what can really make your resume stand out. If you include a striking image of yourself next to your name or use a template that adds little pops of color here and there, these things will draw the eye and create curiosity. Keep it simple so it’s effective. Here are some examples of fun designs to use for reference.

5. Triple Check Grammar

If there is one grammatical error on your resume it will instantly negate any positive impressions you made with everything else on there. You simply cannot have them. Check it over and over for errors. Download Grammarly on your computer, a great tool that catches grammatical errors you may not have realized were there. Then, have a friend look it over. No matter how many times you check, your eyes can miss something if you are convinced you caught every error. Even professional writers need a second pair of eyes to catch errors for them.

6. Create a Few Different Options

Not every job you apply for will be looking for every single one of your great qualities. Think about the different positions and companies you will be applying for and create a few different resumes based on those differences. For example: have one for management roles, one for freelance work, one for customer service, one for remote work, etc. It will be easy to determine these categories as you figure out exactly what types of jobs you are applying to.

And … Get Help from the Professionals

Have you ever considered turning to a staffing agency for help? They are a great resource to use if you’re looking for a new job, especially if you need help with your resume and interviewing advice.

A staffing agency like Allegiance Staffing will help you tailor your resume so it has the appropriate information on it as well as the extra mmph that will get you noticed. They also are already working with companies who are currently in need of people, so they can help you find a job way faster and put in a good word for you.

Another great plus: it won’t cost you a thing. Want to learn more? Reach out to Allegiance today!