Back to Blogs Is High Employee Turnover Hurting Your Reputation? Custom Labor Solutions to the Rescue!

Is High Employee Turnover Hurting Your Reputation? Custom Labor Solutions to the Rescue!

May 10, 2016 | Staffing Blog

Some professionals gauge their willingness to do business with your company based on your employee turnover rate. As noted by Forbes, entrepreneurs are starting to avoid working with firms that keep on posting job openings for the same positions. Stay away from tarnishes to your reputation with custom labor solutions that tackle a high turnover problem.

Devising and implementing these solutions is as easy as working with staffing experts who bring a solid understanding of your business’ needs to the table. To slow down the revolving door that costs your business dearly in training expenditures and repute, these pros take three distinct steps.

1 Match employee qualifications with job descriptions. In many cases, employees quit because they are bored. Hiring over-qualified workers may sound like a good idea, but it quickly leads to problems when these employees do not feel challenged. The antidote to this problem is simple: match vetted workers with job descriptions that suit their training, aptitude and professional goals.

2 Fill shifts with available workers. During a job interview, you ask the prospective employee if s/he is available to work on any day of the week. The applicant agrees. It sounds easy, right? When it comes time to schedule the new worker, it turns out that s/he cannot work on certain days or at certain times. The result is turnover. Instead, choose from a pool of qualified workers who have listed their preferred shifts and availabilities.

3 Hire for the open jobs. It is tempting to hire someone whom you may be able to groom for a position in a completely different department. When businesses worry about future job openings, this is what they do. If the opening never comes about, the new employee leaves. Why worry about possible openings when you partner with a staffing expert who can help you fill those jobs as needed? Hire for the jobs that you actually have.

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