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IWLA 2020: Tom Landry to Speak on Hidden Issues in Staffing

March 2, 2020 | News Blog

We are proud to announce that Allegiance Staffing CEO Tom Landry has once again been asked to speak during the annual IWLA Convention.

IWLA is a tight group of logistics professionals that are willing to collaborate for mutual success and protection of their industry. These member companies represent the best of the industry and the leaders in integrity and innovation.

The 2020 IWLA Convention takes place March 15-17 in San Diego. This year, Mr. Landry will be part of a panel discussion on the hidden issues facing clients when utilizing supplemental staffing.

What Are the Current Hidden Issues in Staffing?

Mr. Landry will be contributing his viewpoint on hidden issues in supplemental staffing that include:

  • Co-employment
  • OSHA regulations
  • I-9 vs E-verify
  • Drug testing
  • Second chance employees
  • Indemnity agreements
  • Other contract exposures

These supplemental staffing issues are especially important for clients during a tight labor market. Our clients want to maximize the productivity of talent while also minimizing exposure to risk and unnecessary costs.

As part of the panel discussion, Mr. Landry will be able to address these pain points as a trusted thought leader. Ultimately, we believe Mr. Landry will be able to make an impact on the audience thanks to our staffing agency’s established reputation as a “client-first” service partner.

Why Allegiance Staffing Supports IWLA

In addition to Mr. Landry’s panel discussion, Allegiance Staffing will be exhibiting at the 2020 IWLA Convention.

Our attendance is crucial for our staffing agency to keep up-to-date on the changes in our customers’ business. Why? Our ability to provide current innovative solutions requires us to be intimately involved in their operating reality.

We want to be able to reach out to companies that are frustrated with poor service, excuse-making, and underperforming suppliers.

We then want to work with companies that understand the true strategic value of having a reliable staffing partner that provides vetted, quality talent. In today’s tight labor market, this is even more critical to the success of companies in the Warehousing Logistics industry.

Are you attending IWLA 2020? We look forward to seeing you at our booth and in attendance at Mr. Landry’s panel discussion.