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What Does a Data Entry Clerk Do?

March 3, 2020 | Career Blog

So you are interested in possibly becoming a data entry clerk, but would like to know more about it before determining if it’s the right fit. Well you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look at this type of position a little further, and maybe we can even help you to start applying for jobs, if you wish. A data entry clerk usually works in an office, which means you will need to have a knack for some standard office skills which can vary depending on the company you work for. As you are probably already gathering, this job description isn’t cut and dry. Still, we can explore the basics. Keep reading to learn more answers to the question, what does a data entry clerk do?

The Basics

You can get a data entry job in a wide variety of industries. No matter what though, you will mostly likely find yourself:

  • Entering new or updated contact and personal information for customers/clients.
  • Typing written logs or notes into a computer.
  • Transferring research results into a computer.
  • Processing invoices or making payments.
  • Tracking and communicating results to your supervisors.

Very often within a data entry position you will be asked to enter text or figures into some sort of spreadsheet or database. You may be asked to learn or be required to already know how to use specific softwares that will allow you to do so.

Common companies that employ data entries clerks include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical firms
  • Call centers
  • Banks
  • Companies that sell a product or service, etc.

Skills & Qualifications

If you are serious about being hired for a data entry job position, it’s important to know what skills and qualifications employers will be expecting you to possess. Examples of what they will look for on your resume are:

  • Good typing skills.
  • Having an eye for detail.
  • A high school diploma
  • The ability to concentrate/remain focused.
  • Confidence and independent enough to work with minimal supervision.
  • Knowledge of basic computer work processing, spreadsheet, and database management software.

How to Find a Data Entry Position

There are many ways that people go about applying for jobs these days. Of course, the most common source is the internet. But, there is so much stuff on the internet, it can be hard to filter through the muck. First and foremost, make sure that you’re sending your resume to a real ad. The best way to be sure of that is by responding to a post on the company’s actual website. Before doing so, check out their credentials and see what kind of social media presence they have. You can usually tell pretty quick if a company is legit or not that way.

If you are looking for a little more help than that, it isn’t too far out of your reach. Staffing agencies are designed to match people like you with a company that is looking for someone with the skills that you possess. You don’t have to pay them a thing, because the company that is hiring is paying them to find employees for them. Even better, a lot of staffing agencies like Allegiance actually specialize in landing people specifically in data entry jobs! That isn’t all though, Allegiance covers a handful of industries. So, if you do find that you’re barking up the wrong tree, we can help you explore some other possibilities and get you headed down a path that’s more suited to your skill set.

Want to Know More?

Looking for more information on what a data entry clerk does or how a staffing agency can help you find a position? Reach out to Allegiance today! We are excited to help get you started on successful career path, and have a lot of positions that are just waiting to be filled.