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Job Interviews – Colors Speak Before You Do | Allegiance

July 31, 2017 | Career Blog

The topic of what you should and shouldn’t wear for an interview is important and well-covered, most tips include suggestions like: don’t wear skirts or shirts that are too short or low-cut, be well-tailored, don’t show up covered with lint and hair, and lean toward a more conservative look. But what about the actual color of your clothes?

Did you know that the colors of your clothing speak before the interview even begins? That’s right before you open your mouth to say hello the style and the color of your clothes have said something about you and your character. Here are some colors you want to wear for a first interview based on the impression they give employers:


White suggests that you are clean, tidy and organized. This is a good option for a shirt color.


According to this site, “gray gives an impression of sophistication and professionalism. While it is a strong and powerful color, it is non-confrontational and does not distract – and it is less intimidating than black.”


Blue is the most widely liked by employers. It portrays honesty and tells others that you are a team player.


Black is a very powerful color that is seen as a bit intimidating. This can be good when interviewing for positions of strength and leadership, otherwise, you could use it as an accent color in your outfit.

Here are some colors you should probably stay away from for a first interview:


Red is a powerful and assertive color, but when worn for an interview it is often seen as domineering and rebellious. Stay safe and only use red as an accent color with your interview outfit.


According to CareerBuilder’s list for the absolute worst color to wear to a job interview, orange was at the top. Apparently, 25 percent of respondents said they associated the color orange with an unprofessional person.

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