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Job Interviews – The Small Things that Make a Big Difference

September 13, 2016 | Career Blog

For many people, preparing for a job interview means practicing in front of the mirror, preparing talking points, researching the company, and so much more. However, what about the small things? Sometimes it is the small things that could make or break your first impression in a job interview. Here are some of the small things you should be aware of, and prepare for, that will help make a big difference during job interviews:

Eye, Mouth, and Hand Movement

Eye contact during a job interview is important. Too much is too much, and too little is too little. Find two things you can focus on in the room, other than your potential employer, so that you can look their while trying to think of an answer to a question. But always make sure your eyes come back for more eye contact. Remember to smile and if you tend to use your hands a lot to tell stories, always remember to put them right back in your lap when you are not talking.

Voice Inflection

Try to be happy and excited. Your voice inflection – whether it sounds nervous, anxious, upset, and happy could be the different between a good and a bad first impression.


Take a shower, wash and fix your hair, put on makeup (but not too much), wear deodorant, brush your teeth, and make sure you carry some mints for your breath, and extra perfume or body spray – just in case. Take care of your personal hygiene so that it looks like you are capable of handling even more than that as well.

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