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Knowing What To Do During Job Interviews

August 23, 2016 | Career Blog

Job Interviews are a necessary part of getting hired on at any kind of company. Some companies, such as McDonald’s, will set aside a particular day out of each week or month just to interview potential future employees. Other companies might only conduct interviews on an as needed basis.

Although resumes and job applications cover a lot of background information, Interviews are still needed. They help the employer to better understand a job seekers verbal communication skills and general mannerisms. They also provide the employers the opportunity to find out the job seekers knowledge on any given topic on the spot.

Before The Interview

There’s three important things that need to be done before you show up at a job interview. First, do your research. Even if you’re applying for the same kind of work that you did for a previous company, being knowledgeable about some of the particular aspects of the company you are seeking a job from will show the employer that you’re will to take extra steps when necessary. It also helps to demonstrate that you’re not lazy or too laid back. Second, make sure that you wear the right clothes. In some cases that can mean wearing a suit and in some cases it can mean wearing clean work clothes. Don’t wear clothes that have advertisements on them. Third, make certain that you show up to the interview on time. Leave early so you have more headway, in case traffic is backed up or if the unexpected occurs while you are on your way. It’s a good idea to make a practice trip to the location where you’ll be interviewed so you’ll know in advance how long it will take you to get there. You should try to arrive at a job interview about ten or fifteen minutes early. Always call in if you think that you’re going to be late.


While you are at the interview site, remember to treat everyone kindly and to maintain a positive and competent image. Use correct posture and use firm handshakes. Speak with a clear and audible voice. Don’t smoke a cigarette or use tobacco product right before or during the job interview. Don’t chew gum either. Be prepared with additional copies of your resume and other kinds of documentation that you might need.

During the interview, avoid making any negative statements about anyone, which includes past people who you’ve worked with. Demonstrate your research by describing what you already know about the company in an intelligent way that pertains to the job that you’ve applied for. Be willing to provide explanations about any answer that you give.

Don’t Do It

Don’t tell jokes during a job interview, or use sarcastic statements. Don’t discuss political or religious views during a job interview. Such topics are best shared with people who you already know well.

Don’t try to bribe your way into any job position, or make any attempts to obtain the job position in a dishonest or corrupt manner. Don’t use your phone! Remember to keep your cell-phone turned off, or on silent mode while you’re at the interview.

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